They say that coffee is one of the most drank liquid in this universe; from the poor to the richest people around the world. It is one major commodity in line with oil. When we talk about coffee the first thing that would enter our consciousness is starbucks. Because it has already established its reputation for making the best quality of coffee drinks such as espresso, cafe latte, mocha frappe and other kinds of coffee drinks, it became wide-spread and well admired. Aside from that, starbucks also offers a comfortable place where you can sit with your friends and have a little chat, the best service a customer opts to have.

Starbucks has the world’s widest range of coffee shop chains, it’s not totally everywhere but it has so many branches having fifteen-thousand or more stores in forty-four countries all over the world. Starbucks Experience Starbucks is utilizing super-automatic machines in making particular coffee such as espresso. This machine does it all, from grinding the coffee beans into bits, to brewing the coffee and foaming the milk; an easier way to make coffee without any human intervention.

Another innovation that starbucks introduced is the newest and upgraded Barista Digital Italia which costs nine-hundred and ninety five U. S. dollars. This helps coffee making in starbucks easier and more efficient that gives the customer the best of starbucks’ service (Morris, March 18, 2004). Despite of the service that strabucks offers and the reputation it has it is still experiencing problems from time to time. As of last year the major problem they are encountered is that they had a decreasing number of customers. This was an effect of their increase in their prices in coffee and other products that they sell.

Starbucks’ customers opt to shift to the rival coffee shops which offer coffee products in a cheaper cost. The increase of their price was mainly due to the increase of the costs used in their products such as sugar, coffee beans which are first class beans, creamer and other dairy products (NEWS, November 16, 2007). The DMAIC Method However, there are numbers of techniques in solving the above cited predicament of starbucks. One method is to employ the DMAIC method which gives measurable and considerable developments in the existing method.

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DMAIC, an acronym that depicts five interrelated phrases;” define the project goals and deliverables for both internal and external customers, measure the process to determine current performance, analyze and determine the root cause(s) of the defects, improve the process by eliminating the defects and control future process performance” (Nielsen, November 19, 2006). In employing the method in the case of starbucks the team should first suggest a project scheme that would restore their client’s interest an example is to give incentives for the customers such as giving free refill of coffee for every purchase of five large coffee of any kind.

The next thing to do is to create measures that would help them supervise the progress of the plan; from the moment the incentive is employed there would be an inventory of the number of customers on a daily basis and how many large coffee are ordered this would allow them to examine if the number of their customers is increasing or not. After that the team should now analyze the grounds for their problem and how would they improve it and as for the case of starbucks the number of their customers declined.

From there, the team would now employ the project and assess or evaluate the progress of the program; this is the process where the solution is implemented. Starbucks will now implement the project and test if it would attract customers back. After identifying what project plans are to be implemented up to implementing it starbucks is now ready for the monitoring of their number of customers and earnings, they should have a long-term project savings. And the last additional step is to share the achievement to the other starbucks branches and make the project universal if the project is successful.

The CTQ approach Critical to Quality or CTQ is a tool to determine the service quality or product quality that would please a customer. This approach is intended to define the defects of the processes involved and the requirements of the customers in an assessable manner. Implementation of control to quality follows five steps; it involves the identifying of customer requirements, customer’s first tier of requirements, second tier of requirements, stop when measurable requirements are attained, and confirming the final requirements with the customers.

There are advantages in using this approach; helps a team to translate indistinct customer needs into a precise and detailed prerequisite, helps the team to make certain that the customer’s needs are properly identified and helps the team to shift from broad to a narrower requirement (Peterka, October 25, 2005). To the case of starbucks the identified requirement of the customer is having the cost of coffee to a lower value, identified requirement is the worthiness of product and service.

Second is to measure the number of customers who are satisfied with the product as well as the service. The specification would be to give their customers the best experience through giving them the quality product and experience such as putting ornaments in the place for it to be comfortable. And lastly the starbucks should confirm if the customers were satisfied with the service and the products they provide and if it’s worth their money.


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