Every culture deserves respect. Maybe you will find some traditions are absurd or unacceptable but it certainly the most important thing to it’s people. Who you to judge? What we all should be aware of that the better culture does not exit. Maintain your traditions or melt in the new culture is every new immigrant catch 22. Keeping the old customs will help one to find relief in his community. From the other side, accepting the new traditions will help one to adapt and make new friends. I think securing your real identity is only by preserving your customs.

Moving to ther country and leaving the familiar behind to expose to the unknown is a courageous move. Feeling like an outsider and do not fit is what I personally experience, so is my best choice to give up what I belong to, so that I could chase the uncertain in place makes me feel like an intruder. Questioning your self your ability or whether you are good enough to establish your future is part of the process. It is hard to Start from ground zero knowing you all by yourself knowing there is no prospective friend.

Face it or not you are different and trying to act like it is not, will nly make a Joke out of you. That’s why new immigrant builds communities so they can find comfort and security. Also, to spare yourself the trouble of explain your practice to others. I think it will be rather difficult for us to adapt to the new customs and moreover to reject our own. On the other hand, surviving the culture shock will be only in being flexible, open minded, and out going. From an 18 year old prospective, I know for fact that living separate from the “out side world” will only make the problem bigger.

We must ntroduce ourselves into what life throw in our way. We have to form our private opinions about every thing because rejecting will not make what we disapprove disappear. First, we are not living on an isolated island we have to interact with others. Second, opening up on new opinions and lifestyles will Broadens our horizon, and how knows maybe you are wrong about your former believes. Third, it is natural to absorb the surrounded environment and adapt. Finally, new doesn’t necessary means bad unless you give up your values and morals.

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There is no good or bad culture there is only good or bad people. Merging is the solution. Finding the balance between the two cultures is what we all need to learn. Living our life properly in a new country should combine both two ways, following new customs and keeping our own one. It will help us live conveniently and corresponding to the facts while still be the natural people who we are. That is why I strongly support the mixture way of living when people moving to another country.


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