Culture Shapes Society Culture is the way a person is raised, and they are all taught different ways and values. They’re many differences as well as similarities among people of the world as of culture. What would our society be like without culture? Culture shapes our society. Education is one example. To explain, in some areas of the world children are sent to school until they are 18 and in others they are given very little education or none at all. Not even all kids in the US finish high school without dropping out.

In ocument 5, It talks about how Just last month, India passed a new Right to Education Bill, which guarantees free and compulsory education to children ages 6-14. But even with that, it is still doubtful that this will keep children in school. Not even all kids in the US finish high school without dropping out. Gender also has an impact on society. Most cultures have different expectations of girls and boys. For instance, both men and women are Judged or examined by their physical traits. And most of the time, their roles are determined by their physical shape.

In document 1, according to the definition, culture as well as more other features is defined as many traits of a person, so looks, and materials. This showed me that looks matter in society due to cultural reflections. Finally, marriage plays a huge role in society. Marriage is treated differently. In the U. S. most women feel that polygamy by a man isn’t acceptable. Women feel Jealous and furthermore it is illegal. On the other hand, a woman of Koryak, Siberia, would not be able to understand how a woman could be so Jealous of aving another woman in the house as to wish to restrict her husband to one spouse.

Also divorce is often very normal in the U. S but with certain religions, specifically, Islam, divorce is often frowned upon, so in countries where Islam is preached divorce is very rare. What would society be without culture? We would all be the same. We wouldn’t be individuals, we wouldn’t have religion, and we wouldn’t have our own beliefs. With all the information above, it proves that culture has a huge impact on society. Culture, is society.

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