ct smoothly running are discussed as under:1. Creating Awareness among all managers for ITIL:ITIL should be informed and made aware of all the managers so that they understand and do itefficiently. This will support successful achievement of business results and even improving theeffectiveness and enhanced delivery of the business. 2. Engagement and Involvement of Employees.Whenever a new project is implemented, then surely initially there will occur resistance amongthe people and they take some time to adjust with the project. It is essential that everyone isinvolved and creative ideas are obtained from the time. This will develop a sense of urgency amongthe team members for achieving output from the project. 3. Resistance towards acceptance.Resistance as discussed is always faced when there is any new idea or project is implemented. Thiscan be avoided in case proper planned approach is taken up and the team is trained on how tohandle it. The people may have preconceived notions for not acceptable but it has to be avoided.Effective and open communication process will eliminate all kinds of issues and hassles inaccepting the project.4. Change in Organizational Culture and Environment.Project success depends on the openness of the people to accept the change. The environment aswell as the culture of the organization has to be changed so that the change is acceptable andsuccessfully implemented. This would involve changes in the leadership styles and evenenvironment at the corporate office. The values, systems, processes and policies of the companyhave to be changed and aligned with the new system. Above all there should be developed anenvironment where there is a consistent change in culture.5. Management Support, Involvement and commitment.This can be explained by Kotter’s 9 action points which state the objectives and ways in whichmanagement should get involved and these are developing urgency, creating a strong team,designing the vision for the organization, proper communication and buy in, empowerment ofpeople, creating short as well as long term gains and making sure that nothing is let go.6. Developing & implementing a strong plan for communicating the project details. This shouldhave proper direction and even the strategy that has to be followed. It should have full details onwho is going to do what and even schedules and timelines for the project and these changes whichwould be brought have to be adapted by people fully within the organization.7. ITIL Process and its change management – The areas which have to be covered will includecommunicating the correct and strong strategy, execution of the plan and even the managementshould get involved in making sure this is fully adapted in the system.8. Training, Awareness and Education on ITIL – The training plan should be implemented withthe objective of effective implementation of the change and even making sure that continuousimprovisations and change in the quality of the processes is done with effective solutions.9. All the resources should be available like: time as well as money. This would give a perfectshape if all the resources are available in the system. These processes have to be such that hascomplete control in terms of costs for education, purchasing & updating costs as well. IT staffsshould also be available.10. The complete ITIL project has to be managed in a formalized manner. There should be overalldesign of vision & strategy. Skilled & knowledgeable manager has to be appointed for the project.The overall project has to be executed with proper planning.


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