Critiquing: Scientific Method and Study

In this essay I shall be critiquing an article titled “Nurses’ preparedness to care for women exposed to intimate partner violence: A quantitative study in primary health care. This study was written by Eva M Sundborg, Nouha Saleh-Stattln, Per Wandell and Lena Tornkvist. The study discussed the impact that intimate partner violence has on women. It discusses how nurses working in primary health care need to be prepared when It comes to Identifying victims and being able to offer the correct advice and support to women.

The aim of the study was to assess the preparedness to identify and offer the correct nursing care to women who are being exposed to Intimate partner violence. The study was carried out collecting data from a questionnaire that was distributed to nurses working in the primary health care centres, 69. 3% of the nurses asked responded. The study found that there were short comings In the preparedness of nurses when It came to dealing with women who suffer from intimate partner violence. Only half the nurses who responded asked the women about violence, and that was only when the women were physically injured.

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The nurses found It difficult to know how to ask women, and If nurses did Identify violence they tended to offer the women an appointment with a doctor. The study found that nurses feeling prepared was connected to obtaining the information they needed by themselves as well as being able to Identifying women who were being exposed to intimate partner violence. Moody (1990) suggests that there has been an explosion in nursing knowledge over the last twenty years, reflecting the scale and the ace of chance In the delivery of healthcare.

Other than slowing down the pace of hange has increased due to factors such as advances in technology and treatment, demographic change, increasing demands for healthcare and the move to more treatments being done in primary care. It Is accepted that basic professional training only provides the initial platform for knowledge and skills, it is essential that healthcare professionals take responsibility for updating their skills and makes themselves aware of any new developments.

The study is quantitative which means the study is about collecting data and measuring variables and expressing the relationship between variables using statistics. Burns and Grove (1995) describe the quantitative approach to research as “formal, objective and systemic approach for generating information about the world”. Its purpose is to describe and test the relationships and examine cause and effect interactions among the variables.

There are two different types of quantitative research, experimental and survey, the research used in this essay uses a survey. It was believed until recently that quantitative research was the only scientific method adept enough to bed used In advancing the knowledge In nursing because according to Parahoo (1997) “It provided ard, objective facts that can be statically analyzed and interpreted” To critique this article I shall be using the Sigma Theta Tau international framework.

This framework breaks down the article into the different parts, the abstract, and the Introduction, review of literature, theoretical framework, hypothesis/research questions, research designs, sampling, instrumentations, procedures, results and discussions. It breaks be able to critique it. Sigma Theta Tau is the global Honor Society for Nursing and Nursing Scholarship and Research. In 1922, six nursing students founded Sigma Theta Tau at the Indiana University Training School for Nurses