Centuries and scores invaded the world with development. It encompassed almost all aspects, from simple living to industrial and now to the cybernetic age. The growth of Information Technology in the world is inevitable as its development ranges not only through office related works but also in education, health and medical aspects and up to the crime fighting jobs. IT is increasing its development exponentially. Among its development is the crime prevention.

Last February 15, 2004 Chicago Police Department had won the CIO Enterprise Award for performing immediate actions in crimes in Chicago. They used a database technology and its applications to increase the efficiency of information gathering with regard to the suspects they are investigating. They utilized CLEAR (Citizen Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting) to access different information (such as arrest reports, past criminal experiences etc) through networking in just a brisk time.

With that, crime rate dipped at about 16 percent and still continue to decrease (Pastore, 2004). The beneficial applications of IT and IT-related tools are inevitable in the 21st century. The paradigm given above is among the many advantageous effects of IT. I may say that it is a good project of the Chicago Police District as they were able to minimize the time in searching for clues behind certain crime with the use of the technology.

They were also able to maximize their cops to be deployed rather than increasing the number of police clerks that will manage a manual search. Although the purchase of such equipments is costly, it is not a drawback since the main goal of CPD is to seize unlawful citizens and not thinking whether CLEAR is expensive or not. The important thing is to increase the number seizure of unlawful citizens. Hence, the results were positive, a decline of crime rate in the city. The applications of database analysis in CPD had positive results.

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Now it is being utilized by other States for crime prevention. The use of networking and database analysis had reached up to the basic institutes of the country, from the food and drugs bureau, to the intelligence units, and among others. In other view, the application of Clear is quite invading the privacy of some information that is accessed in the different institutions. In overall, the relevance of IT in crime prevention has satisfactory effects and I think it will continue to develop alongside with the increasing development of technology.


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