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Creating a high converting Amazon listing is one of the mostcrucial steps in successfully selling on Amazon.

  Why?  Because thisis your advertising page.  This is the page that people are going to cometo and determine whether they see enough value in your product to pull outtheir wallet and buy from you.  So how does one create a high converting listing?  Highconverting listings are created using a few key components, including:1. Creating the best converting title for your product. 2. Adding emotionally compelling images that will motivate people tobuy.  3.

Writing high converting bullets and descriptions that motivate peopleto purchase your product.   4. Providing valuable bonuses to motivate customers to make the decisionto buy from you.Creating a High Converting TitleThe title is the main description of your product. There are few criteria that makes a really high converting producttitle.    And the great thing about Amazon is that it gives youa lot of room to add a whole lot of other words to really beef up youtitle.

  Here are a few elements that make for a high converting title:1. Your Brand – You want the brand name in your title, because eventuallyyour brand is going to become popular enough that people actually look foryou.  2. Your Product Name – Put your product’s unique name in the title, nextto your brand, so that you can create immediate value in the mind of yourcustomer.  For example, if you are selling baking products, you would putyour brand, “Baker’s Delight,” next to your product’s unique name, “Fascinating Cupcake Liners,” at the start of your title.3. Product Description – People want to make sure they know what they’rebuying, so make sure you let them know, that they are in the right place bygiving a clear description of what you are selling.4.

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Your USP – You want to add your USP in the title because it is the onething that makes you stand out from your competition, and the unique sellingproposition that tells your customers that your product is better or differentfrom everyone else’s.  Personally, I like to put the USP in all capsso that people will not miss it.  5. Product Benefits – You want to add thegreatest benefits your product brings so that customer will be immediatelymotivated to either buy your product, or read more of your listing.  6. Keywords – I also list keywords in the title.  Why?  Becausesearch engines do find those Amazon pages as well.  So I will use akeyword tool to identify the most popular keywords for my product both in the searchengines and in Amazon.

  Google Keyword Planner or FreshKey are goodservices you can use to find the most popular product words.  When using keywords, you also have to make sure that it fitswell with your product title, so that it can both motivate customers to buy,but also be easily found by search engines.   In other words, stringit together in such a way that people feel like it just flows well.One thing that you will find is that your initial title maynot be the one that converts.

  So you have to keep testing it.  Justkeep making tweaks every day or every couple days, until you find the rightlisting that will get people to start pulling out their wallets.  Use Emotionally Compelling ImagesAnother critical area to success of your Amazon listing, isthe use of emotionally compelling Amazon images.  Every Amazon listing isrequired to have a picture; and if you don’t have one, it keeps your productfrom being listed in their general product category listing.  But if you want to create a high converting listing, it’snot enough just to have a picture.   You have to make sure you havean emotionally compelling picture that motivates people to buy.  Also, onepicture is not enough.

  If you want people to buy, you need to fill it upwith six to eight high quality pictures.Another important key to motivating customers through yourimages, is to make your images a minimum of 1,000 by 1,000 pixels.  Thisis because there’s something about the zoom feature (when you hover over thepicture and it just pops out) that customers love and that motivates them tobuy.  How do you choose an emotionally compelling image touse?  You want to make sure you get images that show a lot of the benefitsthat people are going to get from buying the product.  You want the kindof images that give them a glimpse of how happy they will be from using theproduct.  In other words, what the product is going to do for them, theproduct in action, and the product in the best light possible.  Turning pictures into emotionally compelling images is a loteasier than you think.  You can find product images by either asking yoursupplier, or buying stock photo.

  Then you can go to and hire a graphic designer to tweak the pictures for you. They can add your product, brand or logo to the picture and adjust the pictureto convey any message you want.  That is the magic of Photoshop.You can also get picture ideas from your competitors. You can find stock photo that is similar to your competitor’s pictures, andedit them enough so that they become new pictures with your product andlogo.

  I am not saying take competitor’s product pictures and add them toyour listing; remember we want to be unique, and that is just unethical. Rather, borrow their picture ideas, get similar stock photo, and edit it untilit is original and conveys the message you want to give your customers.  Remember, you need six to eight high quality pictures, sodon’t settle for one or two.  Get as many as you can.  And the morepictures your customer has to look at, the more convinced they’ll be tobuy.

  Amazon does not allow you to add text to your pictures, so it is upto your images themselves to communicate the best message possible.  Product Bullets and DescriptionsThe Product Description is a combination between thebulleted description and the main product description.  The bulleteddescription are the bulleted list of information that are under the producttitle and to the right of the image.  The main description is the mainarea toward the middle of the page under the title “Product Description.”In order to create high converting bullet points, Igenerally focus on just making sure you add as many benefits as you can. I also put the title of the bullet in all caps and the details in regularletters.  This way it can really stand out for people who don’t like toread the details.

  You also want to list the bullets in order of priority:the most valuable benefit first, then the next most valuable benefit, and soon. Also, for each bullet put as much information as possible and use up all ofthe character space Amazon gives you.  The more detail the better,especially for customers that need to read the details to make a buyingdecision.For the main product description in the middle of the page,I like to focus on the five P’s.  Now, the five P’s are designed to focuson the five things that will help motivate the customer most to buy yourproduct. The five P’s include:1.

The Problem – Talk about their problem.  Talk about the problemthat your product fixes.  Why?  Because that is why they’re coming tolook at your product,  They have an issue or conflict or something thatthey needs fixing and they think your product can do it for them.  Also,as soon as you touch upon their problem, they feel like you understand them andthey feel like they want to hear more of what you have to say.  2. The Promise – Tell them what your product can do.  List all ofthe benefits that your product promises and how it can alleviate all theirpain, help them be happier, help them be healthier, sexier, leaner, thinner,richer, whatever it is.  Go ahead and start giving them all thosepromises.

  Now you don’t want to sellit too much because people don’t like to be sold, they like to buy.  Butthey do appreciate people who help them to buy. So make the promise in such away that helps them see all of the benefits they will be getting by buying yourproduct.  3. The Picture – Besides your product pictures, this is your opportunityto create mental pictures for them.  Start describing what a vision of abetter future using your product will look like.

  Describe it in visualwords.  Give them a story, give them an idea in their heads.  Youractual pictures will help, but by describing it further to them it motivatesthem even more.4. The Proof – Add supporting evidence that your product can fulfill onits promise, whether in the form of credentials, statistics, studies, andcertifications.

   These will help the customer make a better decisionbecause they feel like they are reducing their risk.  Note: As of the writing ofthis book, Amazon does not allow testimonials in the product description; sostick to credentials, studies and certifications if you have them.5. The Push – Make sure you encourage your customers to buy, by puttingon  the bottom of the description the direct suggestion to,  “BuyNow!” or “Get yours today!”  Many Amazon listings donot have this kind of call to action, and I don’t understand why.  But youneed to put it in there and make it very commanding, so people can take actionon all your suggestions.  Adding Valuable BonusesYou may think that the title, images and description isenough to get a customer to buy.  80% of the time you would beright.  But, people need as much reason to buy as possible, because priceis usually an issue.

  So, if you can create enough value to outweigh therisk in buying, you will always have a sale.  So, add a lot of valuable bonuses.  Give away many freebonuses that will make your product more valuable in the eyes of yourcustomer.

  This includes valuable accessories.  If you can add anaccessory, throw it in there.  It could be a case, it could be a wriststrap, it could be extra batteries, etc.  If it is valuable in the eyes ofyour customer, add it in and your product will become even more valuable. I like offering a free EBook download in my listing. They can get access to it through a postcard that I add in the productpackaging.  The postcard then sends the customer to a website todownload  their free eBooks.

  The benefit of this is that I cancapture their contact information and add them on my email list for futurepromotions. You can get great eBooks from private label rights websitesthat sell eBooks that deal with your specific subject.  They sell them foranywhere from $1.00 – $6.00, but once you buy it, you now have the rights togive it away to your customers as a free download as many times as you want.Another bonus you can offer is to add a competitor productas a complimentary item for free.

  If there’s something that yourcompetitor is selling that would greatly compliment your product as anaccessory, go ahead and bundle them together and sell the product at the sameor higher price.  This will  motivate your customer to buy becausethey see all the powerful value that they’re getting from your productbundle.  Listing Your First Amazon ProductYou’ve got to get familiar with how to list your products onAmazon so that you can use your listing to its fullest potential.  AmazonSeller Central provides you with general training on how to do this.  Ihave also provided you a simple process you can use to get your first productset up to sell on Amazon.

  Here are the steps you will take when listingyour product in Amazon’s catalog:1. In your Amazon Seller Central account, hover over the “Inventory” tabon the top of the page and click on “Add a Product.”2. Click on Create a New Product.

  Because you are creating a newproduct with your brand, it doesn’t exist in the Amazon catalog, so you need tolist it as new.3. Fill out the product listing form, focusing on the following specificareas:4.

Product Category – choose the correct category and subcategory foryour product.5. Product Title – Add the main title for your product.6.

Brand – Add the brand name for your product line. 7. Manufacturer – Since it is your product, you can register your brandin Amazon as the manufacturer.8. Manufacturer Part Number – Assign an alphanumeric code for yourproduct.

9. UPC code – You can purchase these online from a reputable UPC selleror you can purchase them inexpensively from EBay.  You need a UPC code tolist your product.10. Condition – For the product’s condition, choose “New” from the dropdown menu.11. Product Price – Add the price you will offer for your product.  12.

Sale Price – (optional) In case you are running a promotion, add thesale price and the date range the promotion will run.13. Shipping Method – If your product is in testing phase, then chooseyourself (merchant) for shipping method.  If you intend to have Amazonship for you, then choose the button giving Amazon the shipping responsibility(FBA).14. Quantity – If you choose to ship yourself, you need to then go back tothe form and add the quantity of units you have on hand.15. Product Images – Upload 6 – 8 great images you can use to display yourproduct.

Make sure they are a minimum of 1000X1000 pixels.16. Product Description – Add the product’s bulleted description and maindescription.

17. Product Keywords – Add the best product keywords, so that people canfind your product when they do a search.  18. Save – Click on the save button and your product will be listed inAmazon in the next 15 minutes.

19. Review – Review your listing to make sure everything turned out theway you want it to.


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