(market) background


The most preferred country for our international
marketing was Australia. Australia is a nation was gained its independence from
British colony on 1st January 1901, thus when the British parliament
passed legislation allowing the 6 Australia colonies to govern in their own
rights as been part of the Commonwealth of Australia. Its capital city is
Canberra, however we as marketers are targeting Australia as to launch our
product. Australia is both a country and continent.Australia
has a large number of demographic populations and is home to nearly 23,781,169
individuals (recorded in the year 2015) ( Australia
comprises of six states namely, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia,
Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. Therefore, it is a perfect opportunity
to launch Punjas Ceylon tea in Australian market due to its vast population. This is a country that is part of United Nations
and many other peace keeping activists (Focus
Economics, 2017). The current
Prime Minister is Malcolm Turnbull (ROGERS, 2017). This country is said to be a democratic country
with lots of legislations and laws to govern the nations and keep the welfare of
the public protected. This is also a nation that is well advanced in various
sporting events like rugby, netball, football, soccer and cricket. The currency
of Australia is in Australian dollars and people of the nations are called
Australians and the indigenous were referred to as Aboriginal. Some
of the uncontrollable forces that we have identified are:

Cultural Forces


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comprises of most adverse cultures. As for Australians culture, the main
language is English. Hence, there are more than 20 languages used for writing
and speaking, thus English is vastly used by 91.9% of the population whereas
Indigenous languages are spoken by less than 1% of the overall population,
Chinese is spoken by 5.1% and Arabians by 3.1%. English is one of the most
widely spoken language and is unique which has advantage that Australians can
understand the benefits and easy made for Punjas Ceylon tea, which has
refreshing tastes as black tea are preferred by many Australian as comparing
they have small consumption of Green tea. Therefore, having English in the
country as a favored language, yet to have a successful business we as
marketers also must tend to have respect for other languages as knowing what is
meaning of words in different cultures. Basically some general rule for
Australians are easy going, friendly, honest and direct, they prefer to have
business presentation to relating points and not to have it overboard.




Punjas Ceylon Tea

In country of Australia
it analyzed that people of all age prefer to drink Punjas Ceylon tea as mostly
black tea excluding babies and children below the age of 8. There are many
groups of people ranging from student level to adult, from Professional players
to street joggers, from office staff to construction people. All segment of
people demand for morning tea because people find it easier for making a kick
start of the day with it (Focus Economics, 2017).
Some people use it to boost their morning tea with green tea and coffee to
start their day or during their tea time at work, homes and other frequent
places. Some of the high demanded morning drinks for Australia: Beverages and
tea for different flavors. However black tea is preferred by most.


Geographical setting and Infrastructure



Australia is
approximately 4644 kilometers away from Fiji (, n.d.). Hence,
Australia is closer to Fiji
as it can save expense on exports and reduced long waits for the next shipment;
thus, lower
shipping costs would be incurred compared to other nations which are quite far
away from Fiji. Moreover it is important to consider the shelf – life of the
product when choosing the target market. Products with lower shelf – life would
be vulnerable to higher spoilage costs. Thus, being a new face in the market,
Punjas Fiji would tend to acquire higher costs at its introduction stage which
would not be beneficial to the firm in the short – term but will have many
benefits in long run as depending on the taste of people. Therefore, site
decisions are imperative as it helps us entrepreneurs in electing accessible
and affordable markets.



Australia when equated to Fiji has a different level
of infrastructure. There are better facilities like better roads, technological
advancement and better communication technologies (Euro Monitor International, 2017).
Australia has also got one of the best environments for business expansion. Australia
is a country that has better facilities for transportation services. The
advanced infrastructure helps in getting product on and off shores.


Level of Technology

Technology is
another uncontrollable factor; Australia is placed 18th in “The
Global technology report 2016. However, near the region of Fiji, Australia
tends to be applicant in innovation of technology. Australia’s
economic growth, social development and productivity have largely grown due to
the development of the Information and Communication Technology (Cateora, 2016).
Businesses growths are greatly impacted through the use of internet in the
country. The other introduction of technologies like factory machines has also
implemented large equipment for development purpose. Technologies of Australia
like the communication lines are far much better so starting a business there
wouldn’t be a problem. Communication of sales and product would be easier
through technology to the sellers of Punjas Ceylon tea. New technologies emerging
would create better communication with clients and customers through as
innovating technology that can affect positively in ways of social media,
cloud, micro blogging and mobile technology. The efficiency of technology can
create effective sale and supply chain for sale and increase in production of


4.      Climate

is a continent that experiences a variety of climates due to its size. The four
seasons of Australia consists of summer, autumn, winter and spring. Punjas
Ceylon Tea is perfect for the climate of Australia as this does not affect the
consumption of the product. Thus, this tea can be drunk whole around the year
with its refreshing taste.




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