Country: according to article 3 of Universal Declaration

Country: Syrian Arab Republic

Committee: NGOP

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Delegate name: Hira Mahmood

Institute: University of the Punjab


                    Syrian Arab Republic recognizes the fundamental human rights according to article 3 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and promotes the legal protection of baby before and after birth in preamble of resolution 1386. We the delegate of Syria respects the reproductive rights of women and believes that every child has inherent right to life according to article 6 of the Convention on the Rights of Child. Amnesty International being the human rights organization through its policy is promoting access to abortion which is actually giving right to every woman to end an innocent life. It is a criminal offence and against the United Nations Human Rights Treaties.

                  Abortion is a human rights issue worldwide. Many countries have strict laws on abortion and consider it illegal to end the life within the womb which has equal rights of life, existence and deliverance i.e. Al-Salvador, Malta, Ireland, United States, Philippines, Ireland, Poland, Honduras, China, Haiti and Kenya. Other countries in which abortion is legal, induced abortion is promoted as it gives them freedom to illegally enjoy sexual life before marriages, taking the right of life of the fetus, causing destruction of family planning and originating many crimes by violating UN Human Rights Treaties. Around the world, 134 of 196 countries only allow abortions to preserve a woman’s physical health while in other women use unsafe methods to endanger their own lives by compromising their health. Amnesty International in its policy of giving safe and legal access to abortion is violating the basic right of fetus. The Catholic church which is the largest donor of AI, also criticized Amnesty for its stance on abortion, particularly in Catholic-centric countries. Amnesty’s campaign on abortion are disingenuous and it wants to ‘Repeal Article 40.3.3 of the Irish Constitution to remove the protection of the right to life of the fetus. Amnesty International via its campaign is playing politics to exorcise the Catholic Church from Ireland and facing outcomes in the form of withdrawal of funding of Catholic organizations. According to Bishop William Skyland abortion, even in limited circumstances, “undermines Amnesty’s longstanding moral credibility”. We the delegate of Syrian Arab Republic has a view that none of non-governmental organizations has authority to take away the protection of the right to life of an unborn child.

                  We the delegate of Syria believes that to lessen the illegal baby killing, the Laws of country should be in accordance to the Human Rights Charter of United Nations. Declaration of the Rights of the Child issued in 1959, and in the Preamble of Resolution 1386, the protection of physically and mentally immature baby is ensured before and after birth. Illegal abortions and using life threatening ways to abort a baby can be reduced by implementing all necessary measures i.e. supporting reproductive health clinic, seeking advice on family planning and fertility, as well as pregnancy tests and health check-ups. NGO’s like Amnesty International should modify or change its policy to illegalize abortion as it loses its credibility and trust in people which are more conscious of the rights of life not only of people on earth but also in womb.