Corporate Social Responsibility

In general, corporate social responsibility (CSR) indicate company’s action to exceed their conformity zone by voluntarily participating in further social good activities in relation to show support in the social and environmental aspects of business operations as well as interactions with stakeholder of the groups (McWilliam and Siegel 2006). Many companies nowadays have been employing CSR to their organisation’s practices as a way to improve company’s objectives and achieve competitive advantage (Carroll 1991, 42). Initially, Samsung corporation, in its policies and principles, has also remained committed to CSR. CSR involves ethical business practice which Samsung has demonstrated. Samsung seeks to improve world’s situation through the use of utilising its strength and resources in social contribution program with intention of  helping local communities, families and children in need by applying appropriate and acceptable manner (Samsung Engineering 2013). Through this action, we can identify Samsung’s professionalism and commitment in serving its communities to be a better society. Being a technology company, its sustenance revolves in the ability to innovate and come up with futuristic concepts and products to ensure they stay on top of the market. With fast technological advancements, the organization has to stay up to date as technology evolves. Furthermore, this kind of fast paced competition in cutthroat industry has brought many companies to face with many ethical dilemmas and involved in dirty hand practices. For instance, Microsoft have been engaged in law suits due to unfair business practices which involved intellectual property (Kravets 2011). Therefore, by practicing CSR, Samsung are able to demonstrate and ensure that it stays out of such feuds by devoting its human resources and technology to produce great product and services which may contribute in leading a better society. 

Samsung acknowledged that it is their duty to be a responsible global citizen as Samsung’s creation of product and how they conduct their behaviour have a great impact on social challenges around the world (Samsung 2017). Therefore, Samsung has put a lot of effort in connecting people to more chances of ensuring that both our products and actions has a positive influence to society in the future. As an organization that mostly deals in hardware such as personal computers, laptops, phones and television sets, Samsung has participated in helping a software company fight piracy (Samsung 2018a). After establishment of the two structural units, the unit charged with the emerging markets established that there was increased piracy of Microsoft software (ChinaTechNews, June 24, 2013). As consequences, it has also been a warning for Samsung corporations on having to face security risk of its users who mainly use unlicensed Windows software. Samsung product devices use Microsoft software on their devices. In the Middle Eastern markets such as in China where largest PC market existed were engaged in pirating the Microsoft software instead of using the authentic products (Rapoza 2012). This wrong action are found to be occured when distributors have to minimise its manufacturing cost, they are being forced to install an unlicensed version of Windows on the PCs thereafter put it on sale to the customers (Kan 2013). Instead of looking away and focusing solely on their products, as done by other hardware manufacturers, Samsung actively engaged in the fight against piracy to help Microsoft. In December 2013, Samsung corporations partners with Hewlett-Packard to eliminate pirated versions of windows by driving its anti-piracy campaign whereby genuine and licensed Microsoft software are ensured to be installed in their PCs in China (Kan 2013). This was a landmark action and a clear demonstration of CSR.

Samsung’s philanthropy principle advocates for improving lives of children. Every year, the company has executed distribution of its employees on sharing IT knowledge to every foreign country the corporations have located through one such cause named ‘Hope Class’ program (Samsung 2018b). Samsung has been providing financial support to build school and facilities for education to those who does not have access to education primarily from low-income families (Samsung 2018b). The company has been collecting book donation from guests who are willing to be included in a parallel program provided by Samsung Engineering while it has its focus on creating children’s libraries with a clean, peaceful and well-lit environment to further develop its local community around the world (Samsung Engineering 2013). Furthermore, Samsung Engineering has recently started to establish technical school for local men and woman to be educated and trained with basic skills required in the technology company (Samsung Engineering 2013). After hand, those trained individuals are available to be employed and earn a living. This indicate Samsung has create job opportunities for graduates and protecting a global network of qualified human resources while maintaining its corporation to be sustained within the region. Moreover, it has attain its achievement in India whereby the company had been awarded inspiring ‘Golden Peacock Award for CSR 2013’ for its proposal of Samsung Smart School (“Samsung India Electronics” 2015). With regards to the awards allocation, the government has acknowledge Samsung’s reflection of its responsibility to address societal needs and challenges and providing quality education opportunities which may influence the company’s proficiency to be the world’s leading consumer electronic companies in the forthcoming (“Samsung India Wins” 2014). In addition, with the well-established relationship with government departments, Samsung is being honoured of its corporate excellence approved worldwide for of its innovation, quality, training and employment management factor to supply the students with interactive learning environment classroom through the stimulation of Samsung products such as tablets, laptop, and Smartboard (“Samsung India Electronics” 2015). 

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Besides, Samsung is also paying attention in its social contribution towards health care by developing ‘Care Drive’ program. With the alignment of its engagement of Corporate Citizenship, the company has first started to dedicate its obligation in supporting healthcare programs in China, Rusia, and Africa with the focus of promoting health and quality of life for local residents (Samsung 2014). The project offers the assistance of  advance medical equipment and technology for local media associations which does not have enough medical facilities and professionals to further develop positive changes and lead a better lives of people (Samsung 2014). Furthermore, Samsung Mobile Center has been primarily offering assistance of mobile medical services to reduce the potential risk of health issues such as maternal and fatal mortality rate (Samsung 2014). Moreover, it has also contribute in administering the program for employment and community. Program named ‘Samsung Nanum Village’ specifically targets on building necessary organisational framework and structure in remote area of communities in developing countries especially countries like Vietnam and India (Rivoltella 2015,40). In partnership with national government departments, Samsung are able to establish comprehensive infrastructure in different regions which populations encounter socially disadvantages through the selection of particular candidates region who truly in necessary condition of education infrastructure, medical facilities, decontaminate water and the establishment of community centers (Wong 2016). 


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