In today’s society there are many black political leaders, but just to name a few you have leaders that are race-identifying protest leaders, race effacing managerial leaders, and race-transcending prophetic leaders. Two types of these political leaders lack the quality of previous ones, and one of them are just hard to find now and days. The first type of leader is the most common which is a race-effacing managerial leader. This type of leader survives on sheer political savvy and personal diplomacy.

West says that this type of candidate is the lesser of two evils. This type of leader tends to play a middle ground by trying to become apart of the white world and act like a power broker between both the black and white communities. West also contends that “this type of leader tends to stun progressive development and silence the prophetic voices in the black community by casting the practical mainstream as the only game in town. ” To West this person is a sellout.

The next type of leaders you have are the overly Race Identifying Protest Leaders. These type of leaders only confine themselves to the black community and promise to protect their leadership over it with the only purpose to extend their “Black Turf” instead of trying to expand and enhance the “Black Turf”. They are “self-deluded” and view themselves to be similar to Malcolm X or Martin Luther King Jr. The last type of leader which is rare is a Race Transcending Prophetic Leader.

These types of leaders are intellectual, and can aspire all people with their sheer ethical character. This type of leader requires “personal integrity, and political savvy, moral vision, and prudential Judgment, courageous defiance, and organizational patience. ” West say that this generation has yet to produce such a leader. The last type of leader would be a tough bill to fill, so therefor I think West should also concentrate on helping and praising current leaders instead of telling everybody there are wrong.

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I believe that both Race Effacing Managerial leaders, and Race Identifying Protest Leaders lack the representation of all people. These two types only represent certain types of people which is not right. West says: “ This void sits like a festering sore at the center of the crisis of black leadership-and the predicament of the disadvantage in the United States and abroard worsens.


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