CORE it in place and balance your feet

  CORE  1. Roll OutI.      Makesure that the wheel is positioned in front of you.II.    Sit onthe floor, leaning forward on your knees.III.   Use anoverhand grip to hold the wheel’s handles.

IV.  Nowextend your arms so they move toward the floor, they shouldn’t touch the groundjust yet and lean over your wheel. Imagine being scared as a child, trying toshield your head from harm as you curl up on your front. V.    Nowkeeping your arms straight push the wheel in front of you, as far as you canmanage.VI.

  Youlowered your arms in step 4, now it’s time to lower your body too.VII. Now, you need to flex your hips as you pushyour body back into the starting position.VIII.                   Stopwhen you feel like your hips are stretching.IX.  Startfrom the beginning! 2. Side BendI.

      Getinto position.-  Lift a barbell and place it on yourshoulders. It should be pushed to the back, secured in placed with palms thatare facing forward-  Make sure that your feet are aligned withyour shoulder and your back in straight. II.

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    Keepyour head raised, your back in a straight line as you bend over at your waist,leaning right as you do so. Hold this position for a   few seconds..III.

   Standback up and repeat the movement on your left side.  3. Torso RotationI.      Grab a bar and place it on yourshoulders, behind your neck. You can stand as you do this exercise, or sit,it’s up to you.

Just remember to hold it in place and balance your feet byplanting them so they are shoulder width apart, if you decide to stand duringthe exercise. II.    Move your upper body from left to right and back again,squeezing your abs and oblique’s every time you turn from left to right andthen when you turn right to left, i.e at the end of a rotation. If you decideto stop in the middle of a rotation, look straight ahead and squeeze the muscles in your glutes.

III.   Do this for a few minutes, remembering tobreathe through each rotation.TOTAL BODY 1. High PullI.      Pick the barbell up off thefloor, placing your hands so that they are shoulder-width and your palms arecurled around the top of the bar.

II.    Hold it up to your lower thighsand straighten your back. III.   Use your hips to keep thebarbell in place and lower your chest until you form as much of a 90 degreeangle as possible. IV.  Now, stand up quickly and pullthe bar toward your chin, bending both elbows and raising your upper arms tomove your body into position.

V.    Push your hips out if you needsome extra generate power.VI.    Slowly move your body back into the originalposition.

 2. Jump ShrugI.      Standover the barbell, positioning your body so that you are balancing on the ballsof your feet. Your legs should be aligned with your hips. II.

    Squat down.III.   Pick the barbell up off thefloor, placing your hands so that they are shoulder-width and your palms arecurled around the top of the bar.IV.  Archyour back, making sure that your chest is raised and your wrists are flexed. Keep your arms straight, through the entire movement,your elbows should be pointed along the bar. V.

    Now,use your hips and your knees to pull the barbell off the floor.VI.  Jump,using the momentum to bring the bar up. VII. Bend your knees to help your body lower thebarbell to your mid-thigh. VIII.                   Lowerthe bar, keeping the muscles in your lower back tight.  3.

Front Loaded Squat PressI.      Youneed a squat rack for this this exercise. To go through the movements, you needto start by choosing a rack that matches your height. II.    Next,place your arms underneath the bar, making sure that your upper arm is alignedwith the floor.

  You also need to makesure that your upper deltoids are resting atop the bar, after you cross botharms. III.    Grab the bar tightly. IV.  Usethe muscles in your legs to push the bar up and off the squat rack,straightening your upper body as you do so.V.

    To getinto the your starting position, take a step away from your squat rack,straighten your back, spread your legs out so they are aligned with yourshoulder and make sure that you toes are pointing out. VI.  Now,slowly inhale as you lower your barbell and don’t stop until the top of your legsand your calves form a right angle. Remember to keep your upper legs parallelto the floor. VII. Press the arch of your foot into the floor,to help you to raise the barbell, and make sure that you straighten your legsonce it’s done. VIII.

                   Returnto your ‘starting position’, exhaling as you go through the movement.IX.  Startagain!   Upper Body   1. CurlI.      Standup with your back straight and hold the barbell, positioning your hands so theyare directly under your shoulders.

II.    Youneed to contract both of your biceps, while keeping the top of your armsstationary, pulling the barbell forward. III.   Youneed to stop moving your barbell it reaches your shoulder, squeezing yourbiceps and holding the position for one second. .

IV.  Movethe barbell until it is directly under your shoulders. V.    Keepgoing until you have completed all of your reps.  2. Wrist CurlI.      Sitdown on a raised surface.II.

    Holdthe bar bell, positioning your hands so they are aligned with your shouldersand are holding the bar in an underhand grip.  III.   Restboth forearms on your thighs, your wrists should be just outside your knees.IV.  Rollthe barbell from your palms to your fingers.

V.    Nowgrip the barbell and point your knuckles, moving the barbell up as high as youcan.VI.  Moveit back down and repeat the movement. 3. Wrist ExtensionI.      Use anoverhand grip to hold the barbell and sit down on a flat bench, keeping yourknees just above your feet. .

II.    Placeyour palms so they are facing the floor and allow your forearms to sit on your thighs.III.   Start bending your wrists, stretching them to push thebarbell as high as you can. IV.

  Moveyour wrists back done and repeat the movement. 4. Triceps ExtensionFor this exercise you can use aseat or stand up straight. You can also choose between a straight barbell and an EZ barbell.I.      Holdthe barbell over your head, keeping it secure with an overhand grip.II.    Movethe bottom of your forearm behind your upper arm, keeping your elbows over yourhead.

III.   Slowlystretch your forearm over your head.IV.  Movethem back down and start again.V.    Let barbell pull arm back to maintain full shoulder flexion.  5. Bench PressI.

      Sitdown on a bench, and lie down with your back straight.II.    Use amedium grip position to hold the barbell.

III.   Exhaleas you push your barbell up, stopping just before your elbows lock. IV.

  Pausefor a short break, inhale then lower the barbell back down again.  6. Incline PressYou need an incline bench forthis exercise. I.

      Liedown with your back pressed against the bench II.    Use amedium grip to hold the barbell in both hands.III.   Exhaleas you push your barbell up, stopping just before your elbows lock.IV.

  Pausefor a short break, inhale then lower the barbell back down again. 7. Decline PressYou need a decline bench forthis exercise. I.      Makesure that your back is lying flat on the bench, your feet should be positionedunder the bench’s leg brace.II.    Use a’wide, oblique, overhand grip’ to push the barbell of the rack.

III.   Now,you need to lower the bar to your chest.IV.  Pushthe bar back up, stopping when your arms are extendedV.

    Repeatthe motions for the desired number of repetitions. 8. Close Grip PressI.      Liedown so that your back is lying flat on the bench.

II.    Holdthe barbell, with both of your hands, using a close grip position. .III.

   Exhaleas you push your barbell up, stopping just before your elbows locks. Pause fora short break, inhale then lower the barbell back down again.. 9. Pull OverI.      Liedown so that your upper back is lying perpendicular on the bench.

II.    Bendyour hips. . III.

   Holdthe bar from behind, bending your elbows slightly as you position it over your chest.IV.  Movethe bar over your head, stopping when your arms are parallel to your torso.V.    Bringthe bar back down to your chest and start over. 10. Shoulder PressI.      Holdthe bar with an overhand grip, making sure that your hands are positioned nextto your shoulders.

II.    Bringthe bar close to your upper chest.III.   Nowpush the bar upward, stopping when your arms are stretched over your head.

IV.  Bringit back down to your chest and start over! 11. Bent Over RowI.      Graspthe barbell, hold it so that the palms of your hands are facing down.

II.     Position the barbell so it’s directly in frontof you. III.

   Getinto your starting position. Bend over, only bend your forward knees slightly,keeping your back completely straight and aligned with mat as you do. Make surethat your arms form a right angle with the floor. IV.

  Makesure that your torso doesn’t move you have lift the bar towards you. Positionyour so that they are next to your body, and make sure that only your forearmsbear the weight of the bar. V.    Whenyou reach your shoulders, hold the position and concentrate on tying themuscles in your back. Bring the barbell back down and get into your startingposition. VI.  Startgoing through the movements again.

 13. KickbackI.      Holdthe barbell behind you, positioning your arms by your sides and making surethat your palms face behind you.II.    Youneed to hold the bar in a  “false” grip; making sure that the thumbsare on the side as your other fingers)III.    Position your grip so that your hands aredirectly under your shoulders IV.  Youwant to start bending forward, making sure your knees are bent and stoppingwhen your torso is straight and parallel to your mat.

.V.    Thebarbell should be with the ‘mediolateral’ axis, i.e. positioned in where thelegs bends at the knee.

VI.  Youneed to start bending your arms and stretching them as you begin raising the barbellup and behind you. VII. Keep going, it’ll get easier! 14.

Front RaiseI.      Use anoverhand grip to hold your barbell II.    Extendyour arms and push the barbell up until upper arms areabove horizontal.III.   Loweryour arms and repeat. 15. ShrugI.      Placethe barbell in front of you and position your feet so that they are alignedwith your shoulders.

II.    Makesure your palms face your body and your hands are placed just outside yourshoulder width. III.

   Nowpick the barbell up, bringing into your standing position. You need to keepyour barbell directly over the floor. IV.  Exhale, shrugging to lift yourshoulders. V.    Holdthe position for a moment, inhale and relax allow your shoulders to relax.

VI.   Start again.   Lower Body 1.

Glute BridgeI.      Youneed to start by sitting down on your mat and placing the barbell on top ofyour hips.II.    Moveyour back so that you are lying on the mat. III.   Bendingyour knees, pull your heels close forward so they are near your butt.

IV.  Securelygrasp the barbell, drive both hips up as high as possible while squeezing yourglutes. V.    Useyour upper back and both back to push the barbell up. As you do this, make surethat your knees don’t open and your lower back isn’t hyperextended as you tightenyour glutes. 2.

Hip RaiseI.      Sit downon your mat, keeping the width of the bench behind your back. II.    Nowstart rolling the barbell back, stopping when it’s over your hips.III.   Leanagainst the bench’s corner.IV.

  Bendyour knees and place your feet on the mat, making sure that they are under yourshoulders.V.     Place your hands on each side of the bar. VI.  Now,straighten your hips and raise the bar as high as you can..

VII. Pull your hips back down.VIII.                   Repeatthe movement. 3. Deadlift I.      Standso that your feet are aligned with your hip, rolling the bar onto yourshoelaces. Sit back, keeping your lower back arched, pushing both hips back andmaking sure your knees are bent slightly.

 II.    Benddown until both hands reach the bar, making sure you are looking straight aheadthe entire time. III.

   Begin theexercise by positioning your body in the Valsalva maneuver; i.e. breathing inand bracing yourself for a punch in your stomach.IV.  Startraising your hips, so that the bar moves across your shins.

V.    Allowthe bar to pass over your knees and push body forward so that you are standingat attention; with your back straight, your chest raised and your shoulderblades pushed back. VI.  Returnto your starting position by reversing the movement.

This means you need todrop both hips and push the bar back onto the ground, allowing your bar totouch both legs as you do so.  4. Suitcase DeadliftI.      Stand nextto your barbell, keeping your feet shoulder-width apartII.    Startbending your knees, stopping when you can touch the barIII.   Touchthe bar with the palm of one hands. IV.

  Exhaleas you stretch your legs and standing straight, taking the bar with you. V.    Inhale,bend both of your knees and lower the barbell onto the floor.  Complete a set.VI.  Switchhands.

 5. Single Leg DeadliftI.      Standwith your feet close together. II.    Pickup the bar. III.

   Keepthe bar in front of you, holding it up with straight arms and in an overhandgrip.IV.  Liftyour leg so that your foot is off the floor.

V.    Lower thebar back to the floor, pushing the leg that is off the floor behind you. Youneed to make sure that your back is straight, with the knee from the other legbending slightly.

VI.  Theknee and hip that’s attached to your left leg should be stretched throughoutthe movement. VII. When the barbell makes contact with thefloor, raise your torso, straighten your knee and lower your lifted leg. VIII.                   Startagain.

 6. Squat/Front Loaded SquatI.      Stand withyour back straight, feet parted so that they are aligned with your shoulders. II.    Bringthe barbell upto your chest, securing it with an overhand grip. .III.

   Makesure that your triceps are parallel to your mat, so that you can support thebar’s weight. IV.  Nowlower your hips, stopping when your thighs are parallel to the floor.V.     Push yourself back up, as fat as you can.

7. Split SquatI.      Positionthe barbell behind your shoulders, securing it in place by holding thesides. II.    Transition into a ‘lunge position’ by placing your rightfoot in front of the left, flexing your right knee and pushing your left heelup.

Your left knee should be just above the floor.III.   Moveback into your starting position.

IV.  Repeatand change your lunge position, by placing your left leg into front of theright.  8. Overhead SquatI.      Standup, positioning your body in a ‘wide stance’.

II.    Holdthe bar above your head, making sure that your arms are extended. III.

   Loweryour body, bending your knees and stopping when your thighs are parallel to thefloor. IV.  Standback up. Keep going through the movements! 9. Jump SquatYou need to start by getting into position. Using an overhand grip position the barbell on the top of your back. Make surethat your feet are aligned with your shoulders.

Your toes should be pointing forward.I.      Now,go down into a ‘quarter squat’ position Push your hips up, jumping as high asyou can.

Just remember to keep your barbell steady! II.    Youneed to land on behind your feet, to reduce the impact to your legs.III.

   Returnto your starting position. 10. Good MorningI.      Youneed to start by getting into position.

Using an overhand grip position the barbell behind your shoulders.II.    Bendyour hips, moving your torso until it is parallel to the floor. Your backshould remain straight throughout this movement. III.   Raise yourtorso, extending your hips to help you to move back into your starting position.IV.  Repeat.

 11. Step UpI.      Standup and face the side of the bench.II.    Usingan overhand grip position the barbell behind your shoulders and place a foot onthe bench. III.

   .IV.  Steponto the bench with one foot, extending your hip and bending your knee to helpyou.  V.    Now,move the second leg up too.

VI.  Moveboth legs off the bench, moving your second leg down than the first. VII. Repeat the movements, alternating legs asyou go. 12. Calf RaiseI.

      Youneed to start by getting into position. Using an overhand grip position the barbell behind your shoulders. Your backshould be straight II.    To getinto the starting position stand on an elevated platform, balancing on thefront of your foot.

To do this exercise, lower your foot.  III.   Now,stand on your toes.IV.  Stopfor a moment. V.    Now,move your foot back down.

13. LungeI.      Stand upstraight, keeping your feet directly under your shoulders and the barbell onthe top of your back.II.

    Yourhands should be placed on each end of your bar, your palms should be facingforward.III.   Stepforward, moving your right leg until your thigh is parallel with the mat andyour left knee is just above it.IV.  Stepback, return to your starting position and repeat the movements using theopposite leg.  14.

Side LungeI.      . Pick your bar up, positioning it onacross your shoulders. II.    Lunge to your left, using one leg, landingon your heel and transitioning onto your forefoot.III.

   Lower your body by flexing the knee andbending it slightly on your other leg. IV.  Stand back up. V.    Repeat the movements, alternating legs.  15. Glute Hamstring RaiseYouneed roller pads for this exercise. I.

      Placeyour ankles between the pads, making sure that your feet are elevated on a verticalplatform. Your knees should be on the pad, your lower tighs should lean on thepadded hump. Placethe barbell on the horizontal handles then pick it up and place it behind yourshoulders If you don’t have a set of horizontal handles you can place thebarbell onto the floor, lower your torso by stretching your knees and move thebar into position. Then sit down up.

II.    Holdit, placing one hand on each side.III.   Nowlower your body, stopping when it’s lying flat against the mat.IV.  Repeat.


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