Coram Boy

The performance took place in the national theater and I went to see the Coram Boy, which was the name of the performance we was watching I went on a Friday. My first impression on entering the theatre was that I thought it was too posh for us to be in it and everywhere we went we saw posh people. As I had walked in I did see a programme/poster and I thought I was in for a boring night and only old people would like this show but I was wrong.The way I was feeling was tired and bored and I ain’t going to lie I wanted to see the play badly because I was convinced by friends in a year older than me that when they was in year 10 and they saw Coram boy it was good and that it was worth your time and it will help you proceed and progress in your grade’s for gcse drama.

They used a moving stage circle. Yes it changed. The stage changed because it was moving in and out and it stopped sometimes.The set suited the performance a bit but I don’t think it did The space was used very well because they didn’t use a lot of props and the change was big meaning the stage was big because they were able to spread the performance out wider. The show only had one level. Music was used and it was used fantastically the effects was suitable because it described every detail and what was happening in the play.

In the play lighting was used. The lighting was used mainly on the characters so it helps the audience to see the characters perform on the stage and see them. The characters in the play were convincing because they acted out they characters in every detail and they put funny parts in the show for the audience not to lose concentration.


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