Contrary to the belief that a leader is doing everything in his group, cooperation and communication is really the best way to be a wonderful leader. I personally believe that the leader is the one who works with his or her members and puts his community together to demand goals together and face all the results as a whole. So, in leading others I often do this cooperation with my members rather than being the center of the group. So I can describe my driving style is a cooperative style.Since I believe that one of the leaders is nothing without its members, I learned that the main duty of the leader is to recognize his members well, their ability and give them appropriate duties to them. This is what I always do when I am a leader. Locating my members in a specific area is not to separate them with each other but to give them responsibility in order to make sure that all the people contribute because I think the more responsibilities someone has the stronger he will be to do more. However, even if each person has his own duty does not mean that he will simply do it himself. The word is cooperation, and there will be discussed before and after each person doing his duty which department to give a suggestion and correction.The Student Innovation Program is one example of my leadership style. I only had 3 days to make a suggestion while others have 3 months. After I got my members we started to discuss each other. So first, I put the proposal in some parts like background, benefits, graphic specifications and others. So the group started by asking everyone a question such as “What do you think if you do part of the fee? I think you will be good at it because you treasure in our class” and so on. After each person got his responsibility including me, we started our business but still connected to each other. We did it. Accept our proposal at the university level. Change cooperation 3 days impossible to 3 days “I and my friends are possible”However, you will not be able to do my job as a leader if in the first place my members do not even respect me. To get respect from my members I think there are 4 points that you must have or do. The first is respect for others. If you want people to respect you, first you need to respect others. Show respect for my members will cause a positive attitude towards me as a leader, appreciation of their efforts will increase their motivation. The second is honesty, in order to avoid misunderstanding, I always try my best to be honest, because one of the most important things in cooperation is to believe in each other. Third, optimistic, always tell my friends “we can do it, there is no way why we can not.” In order to keep my members in the fire, I need to be optimistic so that one will feel that what we will do is possible to do. To be able to do this collaboration, I need to be a group conductor and the way is to become an open-minded leader.I think that my leadership style is appropriate for my dream that becomes a milestone, because the teacher is not the class center but the students, the teacher are forced to cooperate with his students.


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