CCE system was introduced in October 2009 with an intention of reducing burden of studies on students and percentage of suicide. It was introduced with a broad minded concept of providing wider scope to students to utilise their inherent talent. It is equally applicable for students having good academic background and for students having talent in other activities. It will reduce stress and anxiety which students often face before and after examination. The dropout rate along with the fear and anxiety will be minimized. The emphasis is given on conceptual and experimental learning rather than bookish knowledge.

It will motivate learning in a friendly environment rather than in a fearful situation. But the main concern is how far this concept has been implemented successfully. It does not seem to be effective as predicted by CBSE. The grading system has given opportunity to score much as compared to earlier system but simultaneously setting of question papers within certain framework has forced to concentrate on limited peripherals instead of thinking the same in a broader way. Good students always perform well under any platform but they feel motivated when their knowledge is challenged.

If options are given for chapters, students will definitely go for selective study instead of going through entire content of the course. Their knowledge is confined at their own choice. The concept is being developed in the mind of the students that even if they do not perform good in academics, they will be automatically promoted in due course. Earlier we could have demarcated excellent students and average students but the new grading system in no way has motivated students having high caliber. Due to grading an average student as well as a topper will be placed in the same rank.

The college admission for higher studies has become tougher. We agree that under old system the percentage of suicide was increasing day by day due to mental pressure but the day is not far away when most of students will be suffering from frustration. Students are given endless projects, assignments and activities as a mandatory part of education. No such restriction on the volume of assignments has been imposed on schools up to what extent they can pass these on to students. Moreover no one is able to judge whether relevant uidance has been given to students for exercising their skills to give ultimate shape. It has not been looked into that how far students have learnt from this. Further students are not getting enough time to concentrate on self study. They have become easy prey of the teachers who can exploit them to fulfill their personal grievance. The situation has become worse as students always remain anxious of getting exploited by the concerned teacher if he is not able to satisfy their demand. The end result is degradation of qualitative education system.

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If the policy makers of CBSE are concerned to make the entire education system simpler so that literacy percentage will increase but in other way they are not concerned about level of quality education to produce future leaders of the country. In the long run CCE system cannot persist and all of us will have to revert back to the old platform. Read more: http://www. articlesbase. com/college-and-university-articles/continuous-and-comprehensive-evaluationcce-system-3020950. html#ixzz1T0MRbAdl Under Creative Commons License: Attribution No Derivatives


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