Communication What exactly is communication? We define communication as the act of using words, sounds, signs and behaviors to express our thoughts, ideas and feelings to someone else. Over time the nature of communication has changed immensely especially during the 21st century. A lot of these changes are due to the rise in technology. Technology has helped us to communicate in more ways than we ever could of imagined. Not only can we stay connected to our own friends and families in our own regions, we can now stay connected globally as well.

Nowadays we think nothing of alling our aunt who lives in Italy, or even sending an email to your friend who is on vacation in Mexico, technology has revolutionized the was we communicate. Try and imagine your life without any of the technology we ourselves use everyday. No way to email your boss discussing a case you had been working on, or no breaking news or up to date weather reports. In the 21st century we have grown dependent on technology and it has changed the way we conduct our lives. “Self-making is the central concern of the now-maturing generation of contemporary artist.

It leads them to ask: What is it to live, to exist, to be in contemporary conditions? The descriptive question “How do we live now? ” (Terry Smith 279pg) Smith goes on to discuss how some artist have taken for granted what technology and mass media has allowed our generation to create. Other contemporary artists embrace the kinds of power they enable, whether influenced by culture, mass media, or time. Rivane Neuenschwander uses elements from her cultures heritage by creating and regenerating a project based on a ritual that takes place at one of the most famous Catholic churches in Salvador, Brazil.

At this church, religious believers tie a silk ribbon around their wrists or at the gates in the belief that their wishes will come true once the ribbon has fallen off. In her adaptation “l wish your wish”, she has installed thousands of ribbons that hang from the walls. These brightly colored ribbons consist of 60 different wishes printed on each one. Viewers of this installation are welcomed to take a ribbon and in its place write their own wish on a piece of paper. With these new wishes presented, Neuenschwander continues the ycle and carries on the tradition.

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Glenn Ligon is another artist who depicts cultural influences in his work. In his series of paintings ” Black like me”, he stencils bold black text onto a door sized white canvas. The text in which he used, are sentences from some of the works by James Baldwin, Zora Neale Hurston, and Ralph Ellison. Some of the text reads, ” How it feels to be colored like me” and ” I am an invisible man”. He repeats this text over and over again and as it descends down the canvas, the white and black space begin to bleed into one another.

Both of these artists are reat examples of how they have created contemporary pieces with the influences of their history and tradition, but have showcased them in a new way to our generation. Besides cultural influences, mass and social medias also have a huge input on the 21st century. “The global spread of communicative media has been a major factor in by, and actual and virtual presence of multitudes of more distant other-our cotemporaries all over the world”. (Terry Smith 297) Net working has now become frenzy.

Social medias such as twitter, YouTube, Myspace and many others allow us to howcase our every day routines, desires, and wants all in a push of a button. Thus allowing us to instantly connect to what is happening right now at this specific time in world. Artists including Neil Brown, Dennis Del Favero, Matt McGinity, Jeffery Shaw, and Peter Weibel who took part in creating the ” T_visionarium II” as wells as Lazaro Hammers “Under San”, use technology with the help of the media to displaying a social and digital interaction. Time is another huge factor that comes into play. One minute its here the next its gone.

This can be related to the works of Banksys ” Kissing Coppers”, and Blu’s “Muto”. Both of these artists have created life -size artworks they have tagged and stenciled right in the public eye. Like modern day graffiti however, they are not displayed for long. It is only a matter of “time” before they are covered up and painted over again. Through Banksys artwork, he tries to create a world where everyone belongs He leaves us with his ending argument about pushing the envelope as time goes, ” encouragement to keep struggling against it because the very act of visual vandalism shows that such authority is not all owerful”. Terry Smith 307) Ding Dong Ditch Neuenschwander’s installation My Wish, Your Wish. I really enjoyed how even in the up coming new generations, she used her cultural background to display a new take on an old tradition. Tradition and culture are our roots if we do not pay credit to what has been we cannot truly appreciate how far and advanced we have become. My idea is to inspire the every day person and to let him or her know they have done some good to someone else. I have created a door sign in which each person who eceives it on there door something nice is written about them.

These sayings include, you are inspiring, you are beautiful, you are intelligent etc. These are reminders that to someone else we do make a difference. Reminders of things we may have forgotten because we are having a bad day. It also allows us a kind and friendly way to communicate with our neighbor’s, friends ,and families. Receivers of this door sign are asked to write something nice about the next person’s door they leave it o creating a cycle that keep us all connected in the crazed world we live in today.


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