Several contributions were made by both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington in creating a stable government after the Constitution was made.

Although they were from different political parties, both were able to offer a variety of contributions that helped to Increase the rellablllty of the government.George Washington was able to set many precedents because he was the first president to mplement the new constitution through acts such as serving only two terms which showed Republican ideals. Thomas Jefferson was able to contribute the Louisiana Purchase which in turn doubled the size of the country, and therefore made the government implement the ideal of the Empire of Liberty. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington contributed to the stabilization and reliability of the new government after the Constitution was Implemented through Internal and external reforms.First paragraph: Thomas Jefferson was able to help stable the government through contributing Internal Improvements and also external Interactions. Thomas Jefferson was a strict constructionist meaning he wanted to ensue the Constitution and everything was refered to it and whether or not it was in the Constitution. This helped to stablize the new government because the strong leaders were following the law, which in turn helped the citizens to do so as well, giving the government more respect and power.

Jefferson helped organize the Democratic-Republicans as a political party, providing eadership and giving the government respectable parties for the citizens to support. He also supported state rights and limited national government which helped to enact those Ideals into the people. Through the Revolution of 1800, Jefferson assumed the position of president through a peaceful transition and it resulted in a newfound respect for the government and the idea that it can be peaceful and respectful towards the presidents.