Final paper Ever since the beginning of time and throughout history society has oppressed women and forced them into conformity. This can be seen in the articles “Declaration of Sentiments” and “Reality Meets Plastic Surgery. ” These can also be seen in the shows “The Swan” and The Twilight zone “Number Twelve looks Just like you. ” These stories and shows, show that women are being forced into conformity.

In the stories “Reality Meets Plastic Surgery’ and “Declaration of Sentiments” they both try to things better even though they both might be different but it’s to make eople happy.For “Declaration of Sentiments” it’s to make tons of women happy because theyll get freedom and not be stuck inside all day. In “Reality Meets Plastic Surgery’ she wants to make tons of men happy by her looks. In the story “Reality Meets Plastic Surgery’ and the episode of the twilight zone “Number Twelve looks Just like you. ” In “Reality meets Plastic Surgery’ the girl wants to look prettier so she can make men happy by being in playboy.

In “Number Twelve looks Just like you” everybody wanted Marilyn to make the transformation so she can e happier and be normal like everyone else was in the world.The twilight zone episode “Number Twelve looks Just like you” and “The Swan” episode both represent the subject. You can see this wen both of the ladies seem to be happier and have less stress when their surgeries are done. “And the best part about it is that I look Just like you” {Marilyn}. Marilyn said after her surgery and she looked like everyone else and she also seemed happier. In “The Swan” episode the lady wanted to get surgery to make her husband happier and when she was done she was much happier with what she looked like.


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