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ConclusionThe hope that is underlying the learning styles theories is that the understanding of a student difference will improve instructions. But then we expect, that there will be some aspects of mind that would not differ, that are common across the students and the honoring of these basic features must improve instructions. There is a worry while applying the two types of knowledge inside the classroom. In one manner, obsession with student’s individuality would lead to paralysis. If every student is unique, how could a teacher draw on their experiencea with another student in order to improve the instructions of this particular student. If each student is unique, then there is no reason to think, that what had worked before will also work now. In other manner, if a teacher focuses only on what they might believe is true for all students, then those teachers are more likely to identify a set of ‘best practices’ and relentlessly apply those very same practices to all the students.There are for many, learning styles offering a mid-ground, that is a middle ground between the treatment of every student in the very same manner and the treatment of every student uniquely. The proposed solution would have been to create the categories of learners that is based on the respective unique learning styles. Categorization shall mean the usage of few, easily observable features in order to infer that the other features must be present. To quote an example, by observing a perceptual feature of any object that is round, black and shiny, we would categorize it as a bowling ball and hence, we can infer the other non-observable properties. It has a fixed weight; its surface is less on friction and so on and so forth. In the same manner, learning styles also categorizes via gaining knowledge of the various few properties such as answers on a questionnaire, teachers would hope to infer the other characteristics like how would the student respond to different domains of instruction that could be used in order to improve the educational process. The point is how so ever is the categorization done , it ultimately fails.