I have designed a connected set of pages to enable a customer to browse through items and look up prices for items available in ‘Computer Works’. The information is easy to use, it looks good to the customer and provides accurate details.

I have got some sample images of items and have put a price on them on the items that the shop sells.

I have grouped items in the shop by category and produced a page for each category that gives a description, price and a picture for each item in that category. I linked the pages using hyperlink ‘at a click of a button’ to a main menu page.

The category pages are:

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* Input Devices: This includes keyboard and mouse.

* Output Devices: This includes printer and speakers.

* Storage: This includes floppy disc and hard disc.

* Processors: This includes modem and network card.

* Health and Safety: This includes the ways to use a computer.

* Latest Stuff: This includes latest computer technology.

On each ‘Category Page’ I have a table for the items in that category. The table has three columns:

* Item description

* Price per item

* Picture of item

On the Main Menu page I have an easy point and click system which can take you to the category of your choice.

How I created a hyperlink

Highlight the name of the document that you wish to create a hyperlink from your menu page.

Go to insert and click hyperlink. Put hyperlink type as ‘file’ and for the URL(universal research locator) type the name of the document followed by ‘.htm’ and then click ‘OK’.

To add text to my website I clicked on the blank document and typed what I wanted in my text. I could then change the way the text was presented by highlighting the text and then clicking on the options on my toolbar.

Evaluating a Website


It is easy to move between the pages on my website. Hypertext links are used which make navigating through my website easier and quicker.


The colours I have used are consistent and there aren’t too many. The foreground colours contrast well with the background colours. The overall colour is good and makes the presentation better. The colours are not over bearing and are good.


The text is easy to read as I usually used short sentences and bullet points. This made it simple and clear. The size, colour and types of fonts are the same throughout which doesn’t over complicate the presentation. The text is accurate and suitable for the age of the reader.


The layout is simple and clear. I have inserted tables with information in them. The Prices, Descriptions and pictures are clearly shown. The page has been used effectively. The page looks good.


The graphics add to the readers understanding of the page and make the presentation look better and more interesting. The graphics are of good quality and a suitable size. The graphics are simple as to not make the presentation complicating to the person viewing it.


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