We cannot deny that the rapid development of our country had improved our education system. It seems that more and more often computers and technology are being used in an educational setting. This trend of online learning, using long distance learning, and reliance on the internet for educational information is seemingly being pushed forward to enhance the learning abilities among the students. It makes the learning and teacher environment more comfortable for the teachers and students as the transfer of knowledge is easier nowadays.

One example of the usage of technology in our education system is the computerized learning materials. With reference to the Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary, “computerized” means to provide a computer or computer to do the work. Meanwhile, “computerized learning materials” means learning materials that integrates the usage of computer to operate it. Therefore, we can conclude that computerized learning materials deals with any learning materials that have the connection to the computer or need a computer to operate it.

The examples of computerized learning materials are Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, online-learning website, and also learning courseware. There are several issues related to computerized learning materials in our educational context. First, can we imagine what is going to be into our traditional classroom setting if we depend too much on the usage of computer? Yes, of course there will be lack of classroom interaction among the teachers and students. This is because; advanced technologies and online networking will greatly enhanced lecturer/tutor and student interaction.

As a result, it will promote to the lack of real-world classroom. There is no need for the teacher to enter the classroom. The most important thing now is the good internet connection, where students can communicate with their teacher online. Therefore, there is no more real face to face interaction among teachers and students. Another issue that is related to the usage of computerized learning material is the outdated version of computer. We are aware that Technology in ICT is moving forward and new inventions and gadgets being introduced to us every day.

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The same situation also goes to the computerized educational tools. However, some schools still use an outdated version of computer. Therefore, it might create the problem to the teacher as most of the computerized learning materials nowadays use the latest technology. This is because, most of the outdated version of computer does not support latest gadget. Besides that, outdated computer need lots of time to start. This is due to the old version of the processor. It makes the lesson cannot be started or ended on-time.

Besides that, teachers should be aware of any unpredictable condition that might occur while using the computer. For example, sometimes the computers suddenly shut down or “hang” while we are using it. In order to continue the learning session, teacher should have their alternative plan to continue teaching in such situation. Moreover, teachers should not depend too much on the usage of computerized learning materials. This is because, some of the knowledge are best to learn using the traditional method.

For example, it is difficult for the students to understand mathematical calculation if the teacher just shows the PowerPoint slideshows to the students. Moreover, the school administration should realize that they will need lots of money in order to integrate the usage of computer in education. They are other things that the school should prepare such as the cost of maintenance, the cost to upgrade the software of the computer and also the cost to hire a computer-technician. Therefore, the school administration should plan well if they are ready to use the computer in education.

As a conclusion, I think that with the modern technology development, although the usage of computerized learning materials has become a new trend in our education field, computer technology still has its limitations and weakness. Therefore, when we try to apply computerized learning materials to enhance our teaching methods or to help student learning, we should realize what are the advantages and disadvantages are in current trend of computerized learning materials in order to get its maximum benefits for our teaching and learning environment.


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