Computers are universal. As tools , to entertainment , to exercise and distraction they are often indispensable today. But now computers are also considered risk. More than half a million people between 14 and 64 years in Germany should be computer hooked. For further 2. 5 million people in the use of computers is problematic . That said , the Drug Commissioner of the Federal Government , Mechthild Dyckmans (FDP) , last week in a clinic for psychotherapy and addiction medicine in L??bstorf in Schwerin – become one of two facilities in Germany , dealt with in the ” pathological omputer and Internet use. A large audience , the numbers Just by Manfred Spitzer , director of the Psychiatric University Hospital in Ulm submitted . He called them these days in several television shows, to underpin the drama the theme of his book ( ” Digital Dementia Escape from the immediate sociality The as ” computer addiction ” designated disease does not yet exist , however . In general, ” substance- free addictions ” unclassified . There is for them neither by name nor diagnoses therapies that could be billed to the benefits packages of health insurance . However, often behind the vision computer addiction is a medical problem .

It is similar in many parts of the pathological gambling. If people can not control their gambling behavior when endurance developed into a compulsion , there is a morbid conduct disorder . The most common criterion for medical diagnosis is a lack of impulse control in these cases. The therapies are aimed at the causes and the psychological consequence of problems. So it is with the computer addiction . People that show an abnormal interaction with the computer , suffered in every second case of a depression, says Bernd Sobottka , he Chief Psychologist of the clinic in L??bstorf .

Also include personality disorders , social anxiety disorders and the relationship behavior often to the clinical picture . The computer where the disease is attributed to the media attention is given in the problem description is for the therapist rather a carrier of symptoms. One cause of The study on ” Prevalence of internet addiction ” ( Pinta ) , quoting from the Dyckmans and Spitzer, is so far the only one that is representative of the German population. Your result shows interesting misunderstandings in the debate : the age f 14 to 16 years old is the probability that girls show addictive behavior ( 8. percent ) compared to boys ( 4. 1 percent ) more than twice as high. The boys are indeed the ones that attract more attention by their perennial computer games. But the young women are more frequently depending on the omnipresence of their social networks . Behind the two phenomena lies a form of escape from the immediate sociality of families and schools , but which nevertheless , allow in safe mode , achievements and recognition. Development steps are lost,

Therapy needy disorders occur when people no longer go about their daily life , they enter life without overriding objectives in the day and orient their actions and experiences on the computer. Especially young people went through the time before the computer steps of development lost , says Sobottka . Because they sometimes can not go to school or because they do after school activities anything else , is also threatened their ability to work. This now take less health insurance than the annuity the cost of therapies. The treatment of young computer addict is often a case of rehabilitation.

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