Compare Katherina and Jane Eyre

…The two characters Katherina and Jane Eyre both have different views about marriage but they both believe that it is necessary. In the end Katherina believes that men are superior to women, where as Jane believes that woman are equal to men. Today society doesn’t make women feel that they have to be married to gain importance they are treated as equals and it is not socially wrong for people not to be married.

…Katherina had no say of who she married, anyone could have her for the right price. When married her possessions then belonged to her husband. When this was written all women were expected to be loyal to there husbands, because if they were not they could be beaten and thrown out by their husband. Women at this time could not work, only around the house. Marriages at this time do not seem to have much to do with the religious side women were just sold like objects. …Katherina was not obedient at first though she refused to be married. There was no one that would marry her though because she was such a “shrew”. The only reason why she was married was because Petruchio wanted the money that came with her.

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…After Katherina was married and she became tame her opinion changed. Katherina then believed that women were inferior to men because they “commit their bodies to painful labour” while women stay “warm at home” she believes that it is “too little payment for so great a debt”. Women are “unapt to toil” and are “bodies so soft and weak”, so there is only one place for a woman and that is in the home. …When you get married in her opinion you belong to your husband who is “thy lord, thy life, thy keeper”. Women in her eyes are in debt to their husbands “women oweth to their husband”. In her eyes women are not equal to men “the subject owes the prince”. To her women are peasants and a husband is “thy lord”.

…Katherina uses lots of imagery “our lances are but straws” meaning that there arguments and actions seemed strong and appeared to be the right thing to do but really they were not. Her use of words makes the husband sound like royalty “thy husband is thy head, thy sovereign”.

…Jane Eyre could choose whom she wanted to marry and the husband didn’t get any money out of it. Women at this time still had few rights, they could have a carer and Jane was a governess, but there were very few jobs that women were allowed to do. A woman had little status if she was not married or if she was a mistress to a married man. A man could divorce a woman if he thought she was unfaithful or even if she wasn’t, a man’s word meant more than a woman’s did. If they were divorced a man would get the children and the woman could not come near them.

…Jane believes that in marriage you should be “with an equal”. She thinks that on occasions she “might argue”. Jane also thinks that St john would force her to “keep the fire of her nature continually low”.

…Also Jane believes that it is morally and spiritually wrong to stay with a man that is already married, under any circumstances. Jane will not marry St John because it would be a marriage of sin. Jane says “my heart and my mind would be free” but this wouldn’t happen if they married. Jane also believes that God would play a big part, it would be wrong in Gods eyes to marry St John when he’s got a wife even in these circumstances.

…Jane’s language is direct she makes her point and says what she means. Jane always seems to be challenging St John “shall I”, very direct, she is trying to argue with him that is her “fire of nature” and she will not marry. There are only small amounts of imagery used “I would cross oceans” and “toil under eastern suns”.

…Today marriage is not necessary and it should be your own decision to do it no one else’s. Today marriage is not about gaining status or getting money its about love. People know that every person is equal and as long as its love it doesn’t matter whether you get married or not. Its up to each and every individual person whether they get married or not.

…I wouldn’t get married in a church because I don’t think that you have to show a room full of people or God how much you care. It should be between the two people getting married. If two people get married in a registry office or don’t get married and just live together it doesn’t matter because it’s there own choice and they both know how they feel. The act of being together even if it is just them living together should be enough as it proves how they feel about each other.