Communication is an important tool for any industry. Without it, it will be futile to create new policies or guidelines because they will just confuse the employees and will not be followed too. However, effective communications organizes the employees and the procedures that management implements for them. For one, communication is one thing that can make implementing new vacation policy guidelines successful. The first thing to do would be to see how diverse the audiences of the guidelines are.

What countries are they in? What languages do they speak? How can they be reached in the most effective manner? When is the best time to implement the policy to them, with regard to their environment and cultures. When these have been analyzed, then it is time to plan out how the new vacation policy guidelines will be communicated. Visual support is necessary in communication. (Gognet and Van Duzer, 2002) Thus, it will not be enough to communicate these new guidelines via telephone.

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It would be better to put things in black and white for everybody to see and know. It is important to send emails where emails exist, and letters in offices where there is no internet connection. Upon routing the new policy guidelines, it pays for a representative from the main office to call the managers of each office including those overseas. A meeting should then be put in order for respective offices.

As much as it wishes to inform, the memorandum should also persuade, just like how communication cycles always work. (Understanding Persuasion, 2002) It should try to capture the audience and encourage them to take action, to obey, to follow. By setting a conference, it is possible for managers to explain vague generalities in the guidelines and highlight important aspects in the policy that may be confusing. With better understanding and clearer view of the guidelines, it is easier to persuade the employees.