Solar power constitutes an alternative source of energy for households and business firms relative to the dwindling oil reserves raising world prices. With innovative developments in the functions of solar power, customers can experience great and long-term benefits from purchasing solar panel systems worth the price. Communicating this message to consumers involves the consideration of forms and venues for communication depending on the audience and objectives (Schultz & Schultz, 2003).

The communication tactics for solar panel systems integrate public relations, advertising, and direct marketing to establish communication links both at a general and individual level (Schultz, Tannenbaum & Lauterborn, 1996). The objective of the integrated tactic is to increase sales of solar panel systems. The appropriate message is for people to ‘invest in solar panel systems now and save on energy cost for the future’.

Public relations constitute the first method because it introduces the product and builds public interest (Smith & Taylor, 2004). Press releases about the launch of the product pass through to the public via newspapers, business magazines, conferences providing opportunities for introducing the product, and expos. Circulating the press release to various media channels would ensure more effective introduction of the product to the market.

Although, this is a general and uncontrolled form of communication (Schultz et al. 1996), this would build the momentum necessary to create public interest in the product by consistently bringing out the message that solar panel systems provide alternative, viable and long-term energy source that would allow consumers to save on cost. Media uptake is timely because of economic issues affecting the purchasing power of the market. After building momentum for solar panel systems, the next method is the immediate launching of an advertising campaign for solar panel systems.

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The advertisement features the product (Smith & Taylor, 2004), how it works, and cost saving benefits for users. It also includes business owners and individuals known in communities as well as celebrities known as advocates for social welfare talking about their positive experience with solar panel systems. Figures to show cost savings also ensures an effective advertisement. The best fit for the advertisement is the time slot of news reports and shows featuring people and people’s experiences. This is important to attach both factual and experiential values to the product (Smith & Taylor, 2004).

Advertising also constitutes uncontrolled communication since the target population is wide and encompassing various market segments (Schultz et al. , 1996). Nevertheless, advertising is necessary to communicate further the cost savings benefit of solar panel systems and actively influence consumer decision-making. Public relations introduces the product and communicates its existence and general value to consumers as a cost saving alternative source of energy to establish communication links and build momentum for the communication campaign.

Advertising gets the audience deeper into solar panel systems to get them to think about getting their own solar panel systems as well as how much cost savings they can get from back from their investments. Personal selling is the third method of communication significantly determining actual purchasing decisions (Smith & Taylor, 2004). Personal selling commences by targeting specific members of groups or communities that could influence purchase of group or community members.

Direct selling is going to customers and personally communicating the cost saving benefits of solar panel systems and answering all questions or concerns that they may have in order to address any doubts that hinders actual sales. Demos also help. This is a controlled form of communication (Schultz et al. , 1996), which translate communications into actual sales via a customer-centered approach (Schultz & Schultz, 2003). By effectively introducing and featuring the cost saving benefit of solar panel systems as well as personally communicating to targeted consumers, the objective of increasing sales should follow through.


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