Communication is the activity of conveying information. Communication requires a sender, a message, and an intended recipient. Communication itself is any behavior that is perceived by another whether through knowledge, feelings or thoughts.

Communication is the way two forms speak to one another. In a human or animal setting this is the basis of all interactions. Different communication styles can be used depending on the situation to facilitate interactions and create effective environments. Forms which are used can be placed under verbal and non-verbal styles, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

My dominant communication style is considerate (7). This category being my strong front brought a smile to my face. I believe that I got this dominant style from my parent’s. They have always told me ever since I can remember to be considerate of other people and their belongings. This plays along with the golden rule; treat others the way you want to be treated. This boils down to me valuing relationships’, being a good listener, reliable, and trustworthy. I feel that all of these describe me well and my close friends and family would agree.

My next highest score was in the Systematic category (6). I do tend to avoid emotions when it comes to other people; they tend to think that I don’t care. I like to have my own space especially when I am mad I like to be left alone. I have a very good poker face, only the people closest to me can tell what I am feeling and that is just because they are used to how I am going to react.

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Although the next two categories are tied, I do feel that I relate more with Spirited (5) rather than Direct (5). I am very persuasive. If I am in an argument with someone and I know I am mistaken I can make them think that they are the ones in the wrong. I love to make people laugh, so you could say that I am very animated. If someone is upset I will do anything to see them smile, or laugh. Lots of body movement ties in with animated. I do move around a lot when I try to get someone’s attention. My head usually moves when I am speaking and my hands do move somewhat. I am a little bit messy, so there for a cluttered workspace would be an accurate account of myself. When I meet new people I am very enthusiastic and I have a big smile on my face.

The last category that I feel I relate to would be Direct (5). I do have a very firm handshake. When I am in a relationship I do like to keep my physical distance, once again sometimes that is taken as I don’t care. I do make direct eye contact when I am speaking with people, or even when I am people watching. I do tend to get in a lot of arguments about speaking too quickly. I also pair that with mumbling so that doesn’t really help.

All in all I feel that this assessment is very accurate. Like I said I don’t feel like I really relate with Direct, but there are a couple of things that match with me. The more work I do associated with my group for the course has confirmed what my styles are according to the booklets. It interests me to see how many different forms of communication there are, and how everyone uses them differently.


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