Communication important to maintain eye contact. Maintaining eye

Communication is important as it lowers the chances of misunderstanding
and confusion between colleagues in the workforce. Communication can then be
comprised of verbal and non-verbal skills that can include listening, observing
body language, speaking with confidence and clarity and showing respect.


Listening to what other members in your workforce have to say shows that
you are a good communicator. Listening instead of just speaking to others
demonstrates an understanding of what needs to be done within the workforce.

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While listening or speaking it is important to maintain eye contact.

Maintaining eye contact while communicating shows the other person that you are
interested in the conversation and are staying focused on the subject matter.

Observing body language is also important. Someone would feel more comfortable
speaking to someone with a relaxed approach rather than someone with a stern
voice and posture. This makes the person more approachable and makes
communication with this person easier. While communicating it is beneficial to
speak with clarity and confidence. Being clear and concise is essential as it
allows the other person to grasp the concept of what someone is saying without
loosing interest.


If you put all of these skills into use this conveys respect for others.

By listening, maintaining eye contact and speaking with confidence and clarity you
are showing someone that you are interested in what they are saying. This is
why good communication is essential in the workforce.