Common Job roles undertaken by people working in industry

Common Job roles undertaken by people working in the IT industry Network management Network managers look after and keep a huge network of computers, servers, printers, and other equipment’s inside the organisation. Technical writers- They have to write documentation about the hardware as well as the software products. Data and information- A lot of roles are included with data and information. Some biasness’s depend on data bases so they can save the costumers information about stock, orders etc..Hardware roles- There are only a few Jobs left now in building and manufacturing hardware because a lot of the work is done outside I-JK there are few roles but in selling Software specific roles- Website development- such as designing or making web pages as well as writing a web server software or maybe to make online shops.

Applications programmers- they have to write programs for end users for example for a game or business applications In order to be a programmer you have to be mart and be able to sort any hard or easy problems for example algorithms, you also might need to be good at maths.Investigation and design System designer/Architect- when the systems analyst finds out what the software has to do than the system designer or architect makes a designs which describes how the system has to work. Project manager- There are going to be a lot of staff working on a bigger software development project there for a project manager has to be hired Common Job roles undertaken by people working in industry By studymodebrol