One of the ethnic groups that have expanded the most throughout the whole world, especially in North America, are the Africans. These people were forcefully taken from their homes due to the extreme poverty they lived in and therefore transformed into slaves. Possessing a great force and surviving character these people were able to survive such harsh conditions. The majority of the slaves were shipped to the Americas by the English and French because it was the new continent and they were in need of people who would do the hard labor in farming and construction.

The majority of the colonies formed by slaves were concentrated in the Caribbean Islands due to the fact that these were the first destination areas from Africa and from there they were spread throughout the continent. This is why the majority of the people in the Caribbean Islands such as Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica and Dominican Republic etc. are from African descendents. Slaves were transported from Africa to the Americas by ships in in-human conditions.

The ships that transported slaves were called schooners, the maximum capacity for these ships were of three-hundred people but some actually carried about six-hundred or more slaves. The ships made about thirty-nine thousand voyages from Africa to the Americas. The trips from Africa lasted about twelve weeks without any kind hygiene and minimum food supplies. Slaves were chained during the whole trip until they arrived to where they were going to be sold, with little room to move. High mortality rates surrounded the slaves as they died from diseases.

Conditions in these ships were so extreme that some slaves preferred to committed suicide by refusing to eat rather than continue living under this harsh environment. Slaves form an important majority in some countries of the Americas, primarily in the Caribbean and Brazil because these were the main areas where ships would arrive. They also make up an important part of the American continent because they were transported and sold everywhere where they slowly started to form their roots.

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African slaves brought with them to this continent their religion consisting in witches and magic besides their music. The music they brought with them has been influencing and transforming our music through the years such as jazz, rap, and hip hop and many more. Throughout the years African is the most important group that migrates throughout the world even though this through slavery. Being one of the groups that has suffered the most, but as they reach their freedom transform their way of life in a good way are reaching the top levels in sports, business, and politics.


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