1) US President Bush, is confronted with a problem. According to Ms. Karen Hughes, communication advisor of Mr. Bush, what Mr. Bush says is carefully weighed and formulated by his advisors rather than the by himself. It is expected that the president use appropriate language with the right terminology and well usage of vocabulary. Such standards of speech are often put to the test at spontaneous interviews or election debates.

At extreme crisis, such as on Tuesday the 11th, decisions must be made quick and time for much careful formulating of verbal terms is limited. It is important to be cautious with what one says but express oneself so that everyone can understand what is said. Bush using colloquialism is smart. The president can thereby show emotion and still be understood by the vast majority of the nation. We must remember that the majority of the people are not as well educated as others and cannot understand the habitual language the President uses. Therefor, in such times, when American citizens await a reaction it is right for Bush to express himself before his people in terms that everyone is able to understand and relate to.

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2) Colloquialism is language that has limitations of expression. School is there to expand ones knowledge and use of language as a tool. When expressing oneself in colloquialism, it is hard to be vivid and precise. High level language is a tool for expression and is one aspect we are thought at school. In all subjects one is required to learn, absorb and make use of the information taught.

The usage is the phase in which one shows whether one is able to understand and use what is learned. Colloquialism will limit the phases of learning. In the process of learning, colloquialism may narrow the understanding, which directly effects the absorbing phase. Regardless, in the phase of usage, colloquialism will hinder the level of communication because of its limited expression capabilities. School encourages the use of high level language rather than colloquialism.