Going to college has seemed to be a highly overrated thing to do after high school. Every parent dreams of giving of giving their children a chance to attend college so that they would have a better life in the future. This is the common notion; especially that attending college seems like a prerequisite that will enable people to have a better future. However, there are still those who wonder about the real importance of finishing college education. Is it really a requirement for a successful and happy life? In this light, I refuse to believe that college is indeed needed for a better and happy life.

Although having the opportunity to obtain college education would increase the chances of landing a better job and a better pay, we have to admit that college is really not for everyone because of the hindrances and obstacles that different individuals may encounter. Expectations Nowadays, college education is expected from almost everyone, as Dr. Perry says in his article, “no one would be concerned if their son or daughter were placed in a track to become a physician. In fact, it’s expected in many homes” (Perry, 2007).

Society had always had the notion that the professions available for college graduates are more desirable compared to other “lesser” jobs that do not require a diploma. In turn, careers that require at least a four year stay in college have become more appealing and even considered to be of uttermost importance. On the contrary, other less “fashionable” jobs that ask nothing more than a high school diploma are just as important as the other office jobs. Importance of other Jobs Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel travels in the United States in search of the dirtiest jobs in the country.

His show only proves that the society cannot function properly without the workers who do the dirty jobs. For example, New Orleans, which has been hit hard by hurricanes are in need of skilled workers that would rebuild the city (Perry, 2007). Majority of that workforce have come from the part of the population who have not attended college. It may be true that a college degree can open more opportunities, higher income, and better benefits; but life is not all about making more money, Life is about living it to the fullest and does not always mean that one must go to college in order to experience real life.

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In reality, high school graduates who have worked right after school have experienced real life outside school campuses, because they have been exposed to the real world immediately. A saying goes that if you make someone good with their own hands, they would be able to provide not only for themselves but also to society. But the way our society has created all this hype to college education has contributed people’s loss of interest to technical skills education. Financial Trouble College is an expensive venture.

On average, a public college institution would cost the student $6,585 for a four year course, and $25,143, in a private college (College Board, 2009). College education does not come cheap and the price of it continues to increase every year. Moreover, the fees stated do not include yet the students’ allowances and other miscellaneous fees. The high price for college education does not make it accessible for everyone. As such, not everyone can afford to go through college.

A college degree is undoubtedly a nice achievement. The opportunities of a college graduate are relatively better than those without a degree. But not everyone is destined for a white-collar job. Someone has to do the jobs that no one else would do. Also, college is not a sure fire way to success; a white-collar worker can be just as successful as an office worker. Another factor is the expensive investment required for college; money is not a factor to happiness but attaining a college degree, it is definitely a prerequisite.


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