Collage is the best time of my lives. The biggest thing which adapt is moving to hostel which is completely different from my home life I saw different number of peoples with different culture. The greatest way I enjoyed the life by living on campus .

where I saw beautiful places like Peacock Lake, mushroom rock, check dam etc where we can go, enjoy and spend time with the beauty of nature. Living on campus gives so many different things such as the beneficial thing is safety, security so I can go out and spend outside or I can spend time in the library or reading room.The second thing is the helping mentality of the peoples on the campus. When, I was a new to this campus.

I was shy and had self-esteem and turned away from seemingly impossible challenges both personal and academically. The first year experience was the home sickness, which makes me into depression and the most struggling part is to grasp teaching style, makes me more difficult to understand the each teacher’s style which is totally different from my old teacher’s style.Later slowly I got into it and in between I meet the people from different backgrounds and culture that changes the way of values and style and started living with them, enjoying with them in my own ways with lots of new people and this was something which never experience before and I feel more independent than I ever have before, no longer worry about coming late going out.The main thing is the course text and the teacher which is became more sophisticated and difficult to understand the classes and apart from that I have to submit lots of assignment and end semester presentation in certain classes and I am under heavy burden to do all these things well on each presentation and the test. There have been many times when I have put off doing an assignment until the night before. There were lots of seminar and conference to attend during the course time.With all the independence of studying and doing homework is not always my first preference because I like to spend time with my friends, going out, watching movies etc which makes my life beautiful. Apart from these things there are so many other wonderful days are there in campus life such as fresher’s, DJ party, cricket match, football matches, campus day, Farewell party etc which gives us lot of fun and maximum enjoyment.