Co-education in India

The history of co-education in India has been of mixed kind, In the northern part of our country, there are a large number of co-educational schools. While in the southern part the number of unisex schools are more. This is also true for the rural India, where the rural masses upon both the boys and girls studying together. However many people who do not favour this system of education are of the opinion that this system is not good. They feelthat co-education is an urban phenomenon.

They give reasons like the boys and girls are different from each other. They feel that since men have to earn for the family and women have to lookafter the household, their education should not be on similar lines. On the contrary people who favour this system believe it to be good because they feel that both girls and boys have to face the same situation when they grow up. They have to struggle to fine god jobs. They have to perform the same functions inside and outside their homes. esides studying together gives birth to healthy relations.

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The factor or curiosity and bashfulness. Boys become more polite and gentle in the presence of girls. While girls become bold and confident in the company of boys. Another advantage of a co-educational school is that the expenditure on setting up two sets of schools. This saves precious resources for other development purposes . Boys and girls more expressive, progressive and forward in outlook and atitude to life which can be of great advantage to both sexes.

When one analysis these factors one comes to a conclusion that the advantages of co- education outweigh their disadvantages. Thus making them unable to function to their ful capacity. Such young people wil later on prove to be harmful to the national interest that requires both men and women to work harmoniously and with understanding in many areas of development. It must however be noted that some reservation are also there and even in a country like England exclusive schools for girls are now being set- up.