In this time and age, life is considerably taking into another ground for the fact that our milieu is having a very fast phase proliferation of different systems as well as the acceleration of techniques which makes our existence a truly exceptional one. We can never deny the fact how these things make our approach to our daily lives an interesting one since with the help of the different range of structure, definitely our attention could be more preoccupied. However, all these leisure and transformation in our realm could never reinstate our sincerity to our own values and most specially, our approach and understanding to life.

There will remain the norm and values that we have during our early age. In the story Clover, Dori Sanders exemplify the factual connotation of what life has store in us. The path of life can be well thought-out as an interesting part of our existence. It is in this regard that we can freely explore what God has planned for us. His marvelous ways provides us with great opportunities wherein we can possibly grow as a person. On how do we address our own life is totally a different story. It was very evident how the exploration of our milieu nowadays awfully provides us with huge entities of challenges.

It was practically highlighted in the story of Clover the acceptance of what life and time can offer us; the elaboration of our strong faith; the power of our intuition; how our superstitious beliefs drives our ride to life; and the essentiality of our destiny. These observable facts in our daily lives could be our sincerest eye opener to have a glimpse of realities that our demanding task prohibits us to perceive. It was well choreograph in the story how tough it was to accept the transformation in a family.

As Clover has learned that her father was going to marry another woman and that she would have a stepmother, it was hard for her to grasp this scenario. Her battling feelings towards the circumstance make her confuse and lead her to weigh her feelings with her daddy. At a very young age of 10, it was a little incomprehensible for a child like Clover to answer all her questions in mind as regards to remarrying of her father. The confusion takes into account for a fact that she still has a concentrated motherly figure even if her mother left her at an early age.

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It was difficult how Clover saw all the preparation for the wedding and yet her feelings were against what the celebration call for. A person’s strong adherence to faith was considered as his mighty sword against all occurrences that might come across. Going back to the scenario when Clover got into the realization that her father had a tremendous accident which took his life forever, it was really hard on a child’s part to receive news as such knowing that her father was the one left with her. A double feeling of mourning was at hand given the fact that both her parents left her already.

At an untimely age, she has to bear this kind of emotional dilemma which brought her unconsciously to question the power of God together with His line of plans for the people. “My aunt wanted to pray for me, with me. I didn’t feel like praying. It seemed like all the praying I’d done hadn’t helped anyway, not one single bit. While I was hiding behind those trays, I prayed for my daddy not to die. I’d pray for my grandpa, too, even prayed for my mama to come back to me. I just can’t pray no more. It won’t do me any good no way” (Sanders, p. 3), this proves that sometimes in a much unexpected way, our faith was derailed and questioning the very essence of our spirituality was put at risk. Tragic experiences that Clover had gone through bring into account the essentiality of still holding on with what we believe regardless of how hard it is. Feelings most often than not, they were considered as our guide in ruling our lives here on earth.

In view of this fact, intuition was put into account, it was generally measured as the person’s gut feel towards a certain circumstance that might occur in the future. It’s strange but as soon as Gaten died it seems everybody sort of knew he was going to die. They could all remember some little thing he’d said, something strange about the way he was acting. They all could see some change. From the way everybody’s talking, it seems Gaten visited every living soul in Round Hill, South Carolina” (Sanders, p. 13), as they noticed that there is something bound to happen and that in way or another, he was trying to prepare the feelings of the people with whom he care about. Unfortunately, after this incident, they received a message that Galen, Clover’s father had an accident which took his life.

This is also the jumpstart to our sensitivity to awaken our tedious lifestyle and the story of Clover reminds us that there truly exist in this time and age the individual intuition phenomenon and thus, the connection between people are very much present in this picture. In relation to what our intuition serves us, superstitious beliefs sometimes provide us with fruitful paths which we can consider. Of course, we can never neglect the fact that we truly are the one responsible in what was going to happen in our lives, nevertheless, our ancestors keeps on bagging our sleeping minds to follow to what the signs of nature embark us. Some people claimed they did not even know it was going to be Gaten. They just knew something terrible was going to happen to someone. Somebody’s left eyed jumped. A black cat crossed the road to the left in front of another person’s car. When that happens something bad is bound to follow” (Sanders, p. 14), little do we notice that there were secret language that a certain thing connotes. All we have to do is be more attentive to what the nature wants us to feel and reflect.

Having the basis of Clover’ story, it was quite obvious how destiny direct our way and there’s nothing we can do to prevent such incident to happen. It was the focal point of this account that accepting one’s destiny was such a hard task but it is imperative to cope with what God had draw in a multifaceted thing called – life. It was very vocal in this dissertation the essentiality of dealing with the surprises of life and as we get through it, the presence of the sociological factors was put into account as well. The correlation of the environmental phenomenon and life’s challenges was always in tandem.

It was extremely complimentary how the story of Clover and the sociological impact to the people truly negates with each other. The limitation of as regards to the issues of acceptance, loosing one’s faith, intuition, superstitions and destiny was obviously serve in connection to the intense societal occurrence during this era. As we’ve come to the arena where family is on top precedence, the importance of having a strong and attached family relationship, it was very tough how to accept additional family member most especially if that would serve as a replacement to the one that leaves us behind.

The intense connection was the primary concern in this time and even if we say that we are now in the modern age, we can never set aside the emotion the traditional family set up is still on hold – the old fashion way. Marriage has been utterly distinct as the most precious gift one could ever receive in his life and that it should be properly give attention. Perseverance on holding unto it is another story. The question of having another wife or husband may arise. In this modern time, does it really allowed to have another relationship after something broken had occurred?

This query deserves to get an account but honestly, it was very hard to find answers to such. Intermarriage was quite a very broad aspect. As in the story of Clover, upon the absence of Clover’s mother, Gaten find another woman in the persona of Sara Kate to be with him and the one who would take good care of his family. Given the fact that Clover, the daughter of Gaten, has to bear her life with her new mother, it was very hard to attend to this kind of feeling most especially at a very young age.

It was a deep feeling for a child to consider but as one grows up and their eyes were open, they could gradually grasp what that certain instance really means to them and to their family. Maturity needs to take over in order to fully understand a particular instance in one’s life. The role of the women is another story in the realm we are all into. It was considered as one of the most delicate part of a woman existence to have all the things done in a particular moment. Women are known to be multi-tasked as regards to their responsibilities. The tasks that were laid in the hands of these women were beyond doubt one of a kind.


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