Cloud computing Alliance is a not-for-profit oriented organization which objectives of enhancing best practices on to secure cloud computing and also provide information on the capacity to secure other more forms of computing.Furthermore, this industry equips organizations with guidance and security know-how on executing cloud computing in addition to assisting vendors to promote safety in their software models. This is the rationale why the CSA membership is not restricted in any but open to any party interested in cloud computing security. This essay will discuss on how the University of the Cumberlands(UC)applies the FERPA domain of CSA.FERPA is a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which is known as Buckley Amendment.This is basically a federal law formulated to protect the privacy of students’ educational records. Therefore this guarantees students full rights to review and inspect their own education records.To start with the University of Cumberlands applies the FERPA policy uniformly for all students in all courses, whether in online, traditional blended or distance learning.First and foremost students in UC should request the University for them to access the education records which should occur within 45 days of the reception of the request by admission office, whereby a student must state the specific records to be inspected.After which the registrar responds to the student of the place and time the records can be inspected.Secondly, the student at the University of Cumberland has the right to request for amendment of education records which are deemed inaccurate. A student writes to the registrar seeking permission and explaining the records that are not correct, in which the registrar responds advising the student on whether to corret or add necessary information.Finally, the university is strict on the disclosure of personally identifiable information contained in the student record without student consent, including the employees themselves.                                                                                  ReferencesJones, K. (2013). Learning analytics & FERPA: Issues of student privacy and new boundaries of student data. Proceedings Of The American Society For Information Science And Technology, 50(1), 1-5., J., & Cook, N. (2005). Academic Freedom and Tenure: University of the Cumberlands (Kentucky). Academe, 91(2), 99.


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