Clip professionals with several years of experiences. Our

Clip and Touch is an international renowned digital image
processing company that provides professional
image editing services for all kinds of images. We specialize in:

* Clipping path
* Background remove
* Ghost mannequin effect / Neck Joint
* Image retouching
* Shadow making
* Image masking
* Color Correction
* Raster to vector conversion
Restoration services
* Ecommerce image editing services
* Panorama 360.

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We also provide image editing service for all kinds of images in print
(catalogues, leaflets, flyers, newspapers, etc.), graphic design work or
website (online shops, product presentations, etc.).

Our Clip
and Touch team is an US based company and located
in Southern Asia Bangladesh. We have designers and experts all together of a
group of 150+ employees working full time. We have the country’s highly skilled
employees at image processing experts and graphics design professionals with
several years of experiences. Our
experienced designers are highly capable to do any complicated work. We provide continuous services to our valuable clients. Our production
team is divided into 3-shift to ensure 24/7 services. Our most important goal and main target is to save
at least 50% – 60% on your post production cost by increasing the image quality
with the fastest turnaround time. Clip
and Touch is your expert and partner for cost
efficient, professional and successful print and online communications.

We Clip and Touch team have technologically powerful-end; from
where our skilled and well trained graphics design professionals can provide
you the best quality graphics production through high speed optical fiber
connectivity, full featured web server and all known updated software.

We Clip and Touch team
will work so strongly with you so we can value your industry and its
objectives. We then build solid strategies to meet your goals and requirement.
With over 200 satisfied consumers, we know how to get you to the top of your

We Clip and Touch team ensure all the
services with excellent quality, fast turnaround time and at a very competitive
rate. Our team is very well trained to support and provide the stress-free
work. We are loyal to build up long term relationship and understand that the
only way to achieve this is to deliver quality services.

Now if you’re looking to outsource your services that can deliver the kind of
experience with the brand that your clients expect. We Clip and Touch team are geared up to
provide quality services to our clients and give the outmost satisfaction in
all our work.