Climate change

In past 30 year, we have exhaust more than half of total amount of the greenhouse gas to our environment since we have started to observe. Since 1950s, the temperature has increased more than 0. 9°C. The impact it brings is not only to the environment but also to the society. Especially to the Australia, which is one of the countries that is fragile to the climate change. Thus, the Australian companies should put more effort to the climate change. The impact to the environment of climate change is much higher than we could image.

To the Australia, it could cause many damage. For example, it will bring the extreme weather, cause the acidification of the ocean and alter the rainfall period. All these influences could cause devastating environmental change. However, the economy of the Australia is dependent to the environment. Therefore, if the ecosystem in Australia is damaged, the economy will cause a huge strike as well. On the other hand, one of the major influence of climate change is rising of the sea levels.

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To the Australia, most of their prosperous cities are all close to the coast. Since 1990, the average sea-level has risen more 20 cm. In the future, it more likely rise to the level that might submerge the important cities such as Goldcoast, Brisbane, Sydney and so on. To the country which most of their important developed cities are all close to the coast, it definitely a significant issue for the Australian to focus on. For some companies, global warming are never an issue to them.

In most of the time, they only focus on the business that if it is profitable or not. However, to the long term aspect, they did not notice the damage they caused to the countries like Australia or any other countries that are vulnerable to the climate change. Hence, to the Australian companies, they should be more responsible to this issue. They should obey the environmental protection agreement and decrease the emission by cooperate with other eco-friendly enterprise to decrease the climate change.