Classification and Division


know I there’s something big in-store of me. I just know it. I can feel my
ancestors will flowing in my veins. I can taste it in the air. There’s a change
that’s going to come and whenever it does, I’ll be here for it.

something like that whatever. I’m still nine years old, what’s the worst that
could happen? This is my first journal entry EVER and I really don’t know why I
did this, but I guess it would be fun to imagine my diary to be famous one day
that it’ll be in a museum hall, displayed in a glass frame with spotlights on
every corner. Just unimaginable!

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cloudy today, a puddle of mud has formed in our backyard and our dog has come
to take an interest in it. Fiddo’s been rolling around in the mud all day from
the rain yesterday. I doubt my mom will let him in again without a proper
scrubbing. But anyway, let’s talk about why I’m writing this down. I’m writing
this down because I want the whole world to know what my dreams are! I want a
lot of things in this world and I don’t think you’re ready to hear what they


of all, I want the power to magically create a replica of a toy that I like! I
know that there aren’t superpowers in this world, but I’m not giving up on hope
just yet! The other I found my missing favorite Green Power Ranger underneath
my bed. It’s been missing for about a week and if I could find my toy then
there must be a superpower out there!

also want to be a ninja! Because after watching The Karate Kid, I’m even more
motivated to study Karate! My dad has been wanting to learn this type of
karate, I’m not sure if it’s the same, but I think it’s called Judo? I don’t
know, all I know is that I. WANT. TO. BE. A. NINJA. Because they’re ninjas! I
mean you can’t get any better than that can you?

also want to be a ballerina! I just find it quite amazing that they’re dancing
gracefully to the tune of a classical composition. It’s just so majestic!

What else… OH! I know!

want to be a Veterinarian someday! I love animals. A lot. And, I don’t want
anything bad to happen to them, they can’t protect themselves so it’s going to
be my job to protect these cute creatures! My Mom and Dad also want me to be a
veterinarian someday, but they also tell me that it takes a really long time
and it’s quite expensive, so…

also want the power to create money! So that my parents won’t be bothered with
the expenses, also, can you imagine what its like to have money instantly? That
would be amazing!!!

But most of all, I want
to achieve happiness! Although I’m happy enough as it is, it wouldn’t hurt to
be a little happier because right now I feel amazing! And if I were just tad
bit happier then I’d be more amazing! It’s like adding superlatives to one
another like most beautiful. You’re already beautiful and now you added a
superlative, then you’re like a modern day Aphrodite! Just amazing!

I’m getting tired of writing here. I’m not really used to this. My hand’s sort
of strained from all the writing so I’ll just end it here by saying, I will
come back here after 9 years and see what has changed about me.

Dear 18 year-old self,

Please tell me you at
least became a ballerina ok? Bye!


I'm Dora!

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