Claim: If I was an intercultural communication scholar my favorite perspective out of the interpretive, the traditional, and the critical perspective would definitely be the interpretive perspective. Although, I think my second choice would be the traditional or social scientific perspective.Rule/Definition: In Bradford Hall’s words the definition of interpretive perspective is, Hall (2018) “From the interpretive perspective, culture is a way of making sense of things around us. Sense-making becomes a centering concept around which other concepts revolve”. (p.304). According to Hall the corresponding research method is Ethnography. Hall (2018), “Ethnography encompasses a series of activities that are meant to help a researcher learn what and how things mean what they do from a members perspective”. (p.304,305) Knowledge on the emic method is important for an ethnographer. (Hall, 2018)Example: Among the musician, the soldier, and the golfer from the story we read I think the musician character is more relevant to the interpretive perspective. The musician states, Hall (2018) ” I simply like to learn the music within those I meet, so I can share it with others I meet.” (p.300) He goes on to say, Hall (2018) “This ethnographic harp is just one ways I interpret these songs and stories.” (p.300)Explanation: I think the musician character from the story is more relevant to my favorite perspective because the interpretive perspective is about making sense of the things around you and I think this concept applies to the story because the musician is trying to learn the stories or “songs” of the people he meets, which he then shares with other people he meets. The musician also states, Hall (2018) “The path does not take each person to the same places. Sometimes it leads to far-off places you have dreamed of, sometimes to places you have not yet dreamed of, and sometimes it simply takes you home.” (p.300) This quote supports the idea of multiple versions of the truth in the interpretive perspective.Work cited: Hall, Bradford J.; Covarrubias, Patricia O.; Kirschbaum, Kristin A. (2018). Among the cultured: The challenge of communication (4th ed.). New York, NY: Routledge.


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