City of Sacramento Planning Department

City of Sacramento is a municipal city in California and was incorporated in the year 1849. The current mayor, who is also the head of operation, is Mayor Kevin Johnson. The day to day operation of the council is overseen by the council manager currently Gus Vina. The estimated population number is 441,000. The council have eight district each headed by a councilor. The various districts acts as if they are independent and are mandated to carry out some day to day running of their area. However, the major projects are centrally done.

The budget

The various issues that are to be incorporated in the budget are dependent on the number of programs that the council have in a certain period. There is a major annual budget and a rolling budget. The budget must cover four major aspects, dept repayments, reserves, recurrent budget or operation budget and the long term investment budget. The budget is made in such a way that the priority departments are addressed according to their need and enhance coordination among the various department to facilitate timely and effective service delivery. The budget is prepared by Department Of Finance Budget, Policy & Strategic Planning Division. The department is composed of City Manager’s Office, the City Council, Charter Offices and City operating departments representatives  it also give the public room to put across what they want put in the budget (McCabe, 2001).

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The revenue of the council is mostly from the taxes that they collect from the city. There are also some projects that they are supposed to manage and utilize the funds.  Today as the world is recovering from the great depression that started in the year 207, the council is affected as well. There has been a reduction in the business and this has affected the taxes collected from the municipality.  The problem that the council has, just liked any other council and the country at large is how to finance the budget deficit that is created by the reduced collection.

To address the above, the council has undertaken a special budgeting system that will see it through the tough economic time.  The system works on a simple basis; the most [priority projects first. In any one situation, there are some things that can wait as the others are being implemented. Other cannot hold the least time but are dangerous when left unattended.  Another way that have been undertaken is investment in efficiency I their programs, this is in both service delivery and taxes collection. The taxes collected account for 71% of the council revenue. Other sources are fees, licenses, intergovernmental grants and permits collections. When the council is undertaking major development, the council gets loans advances especially from the central government. There are different areas of focus that the council invests in according to the level of priority, they are

Operating budget

a)      Public safety

These are those programs that are targeted at ensuring that the city residents are safe from crime as well as violence. The budget put on some deterrent short term measures that include the deployment of regular police patrols in the city, disaster response teams. There are the long term measures that are aimed at ensuring that the youths have access to social amenities as well as jobs so that they don’t engage themselves in crime activities.

b) Economic development

these are efforts that are targeted to making the city favorable for investments, since the major source of the council is taxes, the higher the number of businesses  the higher the amount that the council will correct. This section deals with minor maintaining of the city status.

c)      Culture and Entertainment

The council aims at attracting visitors in the area and thus it can earn revenue from this. On the other had the culture and entertainment is used as recreational  facilities to the residents especially  the youth this is as way of keeping the  youth busy as reduces chances of evil mind.  This supports the objective of keeping the city secure. In total the operating budget for year 2007 was 57%. In the subsequent years, the budget has always above 50% (City of Sacramento 2007).

Capital Budget

There some long term project that was started in the year 2005, at an estimated cost of $94millions. These projects, twenty four in total, are under community Reinvestment capital improvement program. (C.R.C.I.P), this program is targeted at continuously improving the infrastructures of the city at a period of five years. The percentage that was invested for these long term capital investment amounted to 19% of the budget.

Loan repayment

In 2007, the loan repayment percentage was 7%.  This loan had been gotten from the central government in financing the budget.  There is always a percentage set for this.


A budget is a well thought plan that is forward looking in nature and assists a company, individual or any organization to plan about its expences and revenue expected. The first thing in making a budget is to understand the strengths that one has and match them with the expences that are expected. Since there is no time that the money is enough, the power to practice is of great importance.