Chronic Runaways

Why is it that most children run away from home? Is, it because they are scared, they Just want to be rebellious, or Is there something going on In the home, that looking from the outside in, no one knows. Chronic Runaways gives us a detailed explanation on Juvenile delinquents and some of the many reasons why they run away. Many children leave for reasons such as rebellion or avoidance. In many homes parents set forth rules that are to be a protection for children and so that they can monitor their oings.

The children believe that parents are being too strict and do not want them to have any fun. They rebel and feel that If I leave and run away then things will be a lot better. They will be able to set their own rules and Girls may be involved with guys that are older them and in times the guys are feeding these girls dreams of how they will take care of them and what have you. Young girls believe this and feel as though things will be easier and knowing their parents will not approve of this, they make the decision to run away.

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When it comes to younger teenage boys feel they are old enough to make their own rules, choices they want to stay out as long as they want they feel they are too old for curfew, especially when it may interfere with time they are spending with their girlfriends. School at times also plays a factor, if they get into trouble they sometimes do not want to go home and face the music, so Instead they decide that it is best for them not to go home at all. They decide that they don’t want to deal with any of the consequences further although knowing what they did was rong in the first place.

How are runaways to be dealt with? They tell us locking them in their rooms, and or yelling at them is not the answer. Beating your child into submission is also not the way to go, when dealing with chronic runaways. Open communication is the best way to deal with them. When first talking to them they may not be open and do not want their parents in their personal life. Meeting parents of their friends, and establishing relationships with them will help decrease on problems arising.