Why Christians Can’t Trust Psychology

It could be observed that Christian Counseling is mainly based on the process by which a person is encouraged to realize his own situation through self-reflection and examination of the things that he has been primarily doing that may have caused the problems that he is dealing with at present. The examination and the evaluation of the situation as to how it related to the personality of the person is mainly based on biblical principles. Whereas when it comes to psychological procedures, philosophical finding are given higher importance in terms human behavior evaluation.

This is the reason why it is quite difficult to jive the ways by which Christian Counseling and Psychological counseling are being applied or practiced. As noted from the discussion above, Christian-based counseling procedures are focusing on the heart of the person, while psychology on the other end focuses on the mind power of the individual. It could be noted that the heart and the mind are two different dictating elements that govern human decisions.

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True, humans are better at using both elements of decision when they are faced with certain hard-to-deal-with situations. However, focusing on one element, that is either the heart or the mind would be more effective on the part of the one having the decision making (Coon, 1999, 32). People are made to have their own decisions. This is the reason why Christian counseling simply involves encouragement, self-examining procedures that are designed for humans to understand themselves in their own perception even with the help of others.

Inserting philosophical beliefs of humans may indeed be damaging in this particular procedure as it may cause the one implementing the counseling process to get confused on which element of human decision should he actually cultivate in an individual. The results of this may be rather destructive that helpful to the one being counseled. Both Christian Counseling and Psychological Counseling are visibly fine approaches by which human behaviors are being studied and regulated through certain procedures of observation and therapy.

The only difference there is, is the fact that one is more spiritual while the other one is philosophical. The conflict is actually rooted on the idea that one is based from the inspired ideas of the one who created humans while the other approach is based upon the common thinking of humans as they primarily have been observing the cause and effect procedures that humans deal with in being involved in certain situations in their life. This is primarily the reason why the experts who are implementing them, both involving religious leaders and psychologists, separately consider both types of counseling.

It is very important that a person wanting to search for counsel have an understanding of which type of counseling he really wants to accept and understand, as this will actually shape his personality as a growing person in the middle of a tumultuous society. From these particular comments, it could be noted that even the most prominent people that this society considers wise believes that the Bible is one book that has the most precious knowledge that is incomparable to any human-written reading material.

Many books have been made regarding psychology and yet, they are not able to solve the dilemmas of the family, suicidal cases of people of young ages, and things alike. On the contrary, those people whose lives were directly affected by the principles of the Bible changed their lives, saved their families and saved their lives. The radical changes that the Bible makes on the personalities of individuals are indeed remarkable noticeable in the years of the human civilization.