How a Christian would want a criminal who committed this crime to be treate

The crime that I have chosen for my coursework is the crime is drunk driving because that is the crime mostly associated with teenagers today and has one of the highest death rates out of all the crimes. Drunk driving is quite a serious crime in Northern Ireland because there are a lot of young people aged from the ages of 18-20 who have an access to alcohol and also have access to a vehicle.Being Christians we should punish this crime not as much as others because the criminal in this case has consumed alcohol and cannot make decision properly and mightn’t have realised what he was doing at the time of the offence and so as Christians we should be more forgiving towards him and so the crime should not be punished too hard.

I think as Christians a suitable punishment for this offence would be to discard the driver’s license from him and put him into a rehabilitation centre for the driver to realise what he had done was wrong.Christians know this form of punishment as “Reform. This is known as “The Christian Aim” because it is based on Jesus’ words. He taught us that instead of retaliating to just forgive the person for they’re sins and live in happiness rather than evil and if we forgive so e wont have an unending battle between each other like in wars and fights, we will have a clear conscience and lead happier lives.The punishments for these crimes are suitable enough but some people may argue that the punishment isn’t enough and think that the criminals deserve to get a worse punishment than that and think that they deserve to die if they accidentally kill a person when they’re drunk in behind the wheel people think that they meant to do it and they shouldn’t be given the death penalty but as Christians we should be more lenient towards the criminal because he could of just as easily feel asleep behind the wheel and the alcohol slows down his reaction time as well and he wont have been working as fast and would o been too late to use the breaks on his car and killed the person he should just be put into a jail for a decade or two to realise what he had done and be put into rehab as well.


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