As Christians we believe that God left us in charge of the earth for us to look after it on behalf of him and for future generations. In the Creation Story in Genesis after God created the world he look at what he had created and was pleased and He said that he puts humans in charge of the World so it was not a choice that God gave us but an order. So as stewards for God nuclear war is however unacceptable for most Christians because most always refer back to the first nuclear bomb that was used in the second world war in Japan (Hiroshima).

As a bomb the size of a cricket ball which managed to destroy two cities and the radiation was there for nearly 20years this shows that the bomb doesn’t only harm the place of impact but goes further on killing thousands of innocent people and leaving thousands injured. Christians who are against nuclear wars believe that instead of using millions of pounds on nuclear wars the money could be invested and contributed to making poverty history.

The more nuclear weapons there are the more the risk of there being an accident and also when a country starts having or creating nuclear weapons the higher the risk of there being a nuclear war because even though the country might say its just for safety or protection the main aim for having these weapons is for a war to occur. The Just War Theory however states that there are five requirements to be met before countries go to war and one of them is that the minimum amount of force is to be applied.

In a nuclear war the nuclear weapons used break this rule because they instead use the maximum amount of force and they don’t only harm the targeted but kill thousands of innocent people. Christians who support nuclear war refer back to the bible that there were plenty of wars and in some wars God supported his people in order for them to win and some will refer to God’s words in the Old Testament, ‘An eye for an eye. ‘ so a country could retaliate.

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Countries that do not spend money on nuclear weapons e. . Japan now have very successful industries and has become one of the richest countries. I consider nuclear war to be unjustified and it should not take place because the weapons used are indiscriminate and the destruction caused is greater than suffering caused by war and this goes against one of the Ten Commandments God gave us “Do not kill”. And when we harm the earth we are destroying it for the future generations and going against God’s will when He told us to look after the Earth in Genesis.

It says that on the sixth day God looked at his creation and was pleased but when he is to look back now would he be pleased? Jesus left us two commandments and one of them was ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’ and in a parable he told us of the good Samaritan he said everyone is our neighbour but if we are killing our neighbours at a large scale we have broken the commandment on a large scale and broke God’s promise that we look after the world.


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