The Christian Aid campaign is a campaign, to help get rid of debt in poorer countries and a campaign to give the people a decent life. It has been written so people know about the campaign and then they can help support Christian Aid. It has been aimed at all types of people because anyone can help contribute. Christian Aid wants to get rid of debt in poorer and 3rd world countries. They want the G8 to choose a debt relief package, which will give millions of people decent health, education and a good future.

But the G8 leaders don’t want to give the poor people a good debt relief package. This is seen in the statement: ‘ But the G8 leaders are still choosing a debt relief package which denies millions decent health, education and even their lives ‘. This statement is at the front of the leaflet and it is in bold so the reader will read it (because the boldness make the writing stand out and look important). Christian Aid don’t want this bad package. They make the leaflet so people can help support Christian Aid and it persuades people to send postcards, which will also help the supporting.

But in order for the postcards to be send, the leaflet will have to persuade the reader. A lot of typographical features are used to do this. Pictures are used to show what is happening and also captions are used to tell you what is happening in the picture. An example of this is the picture at the front of the leaflet. Hyperbole is used to add sympathy and it gives us an idea of how big the crisis is. An example of this is the statement: ‘ Give a billion people a new start ‘. This gives us the idea that a lot of people are involved. Imperatives are used to persuade and order.

An example of this is: ‘ Send off for the post ‘. The word ‘send’ is used to order. Bold headings are used to attract the reader and it makes it stand out. An example of this is the title at the front of the leaflet. Different fonts are used to make the leaflet more stylish. Different fonts are on all of the pages. The leaflet uses graphs to show the statistics. It uses the Christian Aid slogan, ‘ We believe in life before death ‘. This is found at the front of the leaflet. This slogan suggests that Christian Aid believe that everyone should have a life before they die.

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Also, the leaflet uses celebrity endorsement to help people be persuaded because famous people are backing the campaign. This is found in the statement by Gordan Brown (on the 2nd page). In the end the leaflet is quite successful. It has a lot of typographical features like hyperbole and imperatives. But the leaflet should include more information to tell the reader how bad the situation is. I also think that highlighting and colouring should be used to attract. But overall the leaflet is quite successful.


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