China many choices to make whether you would

China was isolated for many years then came the silk road.The silk road was not at all made by silk.The silk road actually  had many dangers.When you hear the silk road you actually probably think of silk as in the soft cloth but actually there is way more behind the silk road.The silk road actually helped China because before the silk road, China was actually isolated and barely had interaction with other cultures,then the silk road came along which led to China being able to see how other things were done and what goods they had so basically they kind of got introduced to new cultures which is good because if it weren’t for the silk road many cultures still wouldn’t know about many things that were traded on the silk road this includes silk,teas,salt,sugar,porcelain,and spices. Those things we might not have today plus China might actually have been extremely different.This road is significant because the road not only traded goods but it gave many different cultures to different people.Which is something amazing.Another astonishing fact is that the silk road is 4,350 miles long which in 100 bc was super long on a camel but now with cars it will probably take a couple hours maybe.Travelling the silk road you had many choices to make whether you would want to take the short way but more dangerous or the long way but safer.These choices are important all things done on the silk road were important because if it weren’t for those choices then we might not have some of the cultures we celebrate and or we might not have the good we have today.In conclusion,The silk road is important in history and outside of history because it could affect anyone’s life/lifestyle.This road was not only to share goods but to share culture and what we believe in.The silk road also was challenging but in the end it was worth it.The goods traded affect daily lives and the culture does to so in the end the silk road has its ups and downs but it is still very important to history.