The issue that is put forward in the given statement is controversial. Many people support that children should be raised with strict rules and some other claim that children should be free to do what ever they want. I tend to agree with the former view due to a variety of reasons. It is generally acceptable that freedom plays a mandatory role in human’s life. It is necessary for human progress and development in life, people to feel free to express their own will and feelings.

In addition to this, many people support that children should not follow rules and feel free to express themselves. Furthermore the supporters of this idea also argue that childhood is a very important period in human’s life and if children are forced to obey in rules they will face many psycological problems in their adult life. However, a huge proportion of people claim that children should follow rules from young age. The proponents of this idea support that children and young people should learn to act with a suitable manner.

They also argue that only by that way children will develop a healthy personality and have a substantial progress in the society. They also support their arguments upon the humans need for distinguished limits; otherwise human behavior will lead to a chaotic society with out rules for its members. In conclusion, I must strongly underline that human nature is complicated and should be dealt with careful and tenderness. I recommend that people should learn to follow restrictions from the elderly years, so could easily adjust to the needs of the society.


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