Outline the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and communication development of children 0-3years, 3-7years, 7-12years and 12-16years.

Children in the age of 0-3years start to crawl, be aware of colours, taking first step, talking, listening to you and also their brain start to develop. Their brain’s develop by their senses, touch, sight, hear, taste and smell. As the baby grows into a young child they start to explore their understanding through their senses. At this age children who have not been tought properly by their parent’s would also not know how to share thing’s but it’s important to know it because if they don’t know how to share other children would be crying but if another child did the same and didn’t share something they would be crying. This also affects their emotional development because they would sart crying which would show that they are not happy.

When it comes to their 3-7years of age, they start understanding thing’s better, socialising with other children and carer. They have a physical change where they put on weight, get taller, start to use long sentences when talking to people, feeling emotions, also start to learn how to write, read, paint, stick etc.

At the age of 6 or 7 they become more mature and start having likes and dislikes.

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7-12 years they start school, socialising with friends and teachers, getting homework and learning about new subjects e.g maths, english, science, art and religion.

12-16 they are still at school or may have started secondary, they have more pressure on them because of exams and revising, family problems, friend’s who may affect their characterism like making someone start smoking and doing bad thing’s, taking drugs etc.


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