The Chief Reasons for Students’ Academic Failure in College

There are many reasons why students may fail in college, some of them are due to factors that are directly caused by the students themselves whilst others are the result of things that they may have little control over. One of the most common reasons for students’ failure in college is due to lack of effort and/or motivation. Some people see college as a time for having fun and they use this time in their lives to socialize as opposed to developing paying attention in class, studying and learning. Others may join courses that they don’t have the skills or knowledge to do well in.

Some students, for example, may wish to work in the financial industry and may therefore opt for financial and investment classes in order to gain admission into schools where they can study finance further. They may not, however, have the mathematical aptitude to do well in these subjects and will therefore struggle to gain the grades required for a pass mark. A further problem could be associated with students’ lack of personal skills. Whilst they may be extremely intelligent, they may be unable to organize themselves and their workload effectively.

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This can result in failure as they may miss assignment deadlines or not leave themselves with sufficient time to complete their studies. Another reason why students fail could be because they cheat in exams or assignments. They may copy the work of their friends and be subsequently found out by their teacher. This type of activity is dealt with harshly by institutions and will often lead to an immediate fail mark being administered. Although quite often it is the student’s fault that they fail it can, occasionally, be due to their teachers or professors.

Professors may choose teaching and examination techniques that present a challenge to an individual student and don’t encourage the best possible work from that person. Likewise, they may overload their pupil with work, which leads to them becoming stressed and failing to operate at their full potential. In the worse case scenario a professor or teacher may decide that the student doesn’t deserve to pass and may mark their work down in order to make sure they fail. This would be very rare though.