CheckPoint: Greek and Roman Architecture Greek and Roman architecture is very impressive not only in their times but also in our times today. We have used many of their techniques to build arches and columns though out the world today. From their designs we have used them all over the world to build churches, buildings, as well as other areas. The Greeks architecture seems to use columns in almost all of their temples. Shapes of the columns were a very important factor in their time.

They basically had three types of columns, Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. All these columns would have a center piece which they displayed their Greek Gods on them as well as of their decorations. Two examples of their prime works of the use of columns are, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens, and the Temple of Poseidon. The Temple of Zeus is a prime example of the Corinthian type architecture and The Temple of Poseidon was a prime example of the Doric type architecture. The Roman architecture seems to mostly use arches.

The plus side to these arches is that it held more weight or pressure than columns did. The Romans did use column but only as decorations. One famous place that used a lot of their arches and other techniques is the Colosseum. They created a dome over the Colosseum so that it would protect the people from the weather elements. Due to the massive weight of the dome they put into place the use of their arches. They used the arches because they knew it would support the massive weight of the dome better than the column would.

Another perfect example of great work with their arch techniques is the Pantheon in Rome. The Pantheon house two of their greats kings and is one of the biggest surviving buildings in Roman architecture. Other difference between the Greeks and Romans building and temples is that they would use sculptures of their Gods and their warriors in them. The Roman sculptures seemed to have more life or more realistic than the Greek sculptures. As for the Greeks they seemed to be a bit stiffer like and did not have characteristic as the Romans did.

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In my personal opinion the Romans seemed to be more developed than the Greeks. Although they both have their positives and negatives they still remain very unique and remain to be known as great ancient cultures. Art work that was talked about in the paper: Temple of Posiden. Temple of Zeus The Colosseum The Pantheon References: Sayre,H. , A World of Art, Sixth Edition,2010. Retrieved June 19, 2011 Axia Reading Materials Google images for pics used.


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